Pyrgos: “I didn’t want to file a lawsuit because I was afraid”

Pyrgos: “I didn’t want to file a lawsuit because I was afraid”
Pyrgos: “I didn’t want to file a lawsuit because I was afraid”

Evidence from the case file of the bullying case in Pyrgos with the victim of a 14-year-old who has caused a sensation throughout the country, are coming to the public, at the moment when the Justice has taken action by bringing the three main suspects.

According to what is reported by “Patris” newspaper“, on the night of the attack, the 14-year-old was returning home from the square where he had gone out with his friends, when the young men followed him and attacked him, as can be seen in the disputed video-document. The young man, after the first attack he received, left the Tower to calm the spirits… But when he returned, the perpetrators seem to have set up a carter on him again.

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The young man had not revealed anything to his parents because he was afraid… His grandmother learned about the attack from the news on TV.

The student’s description is typical: “At the beginning of August 2022, I was with my friend K. M. in Pyrgos square on Syllaidopoulou street near the “Apollon” theater. Suddenly, where we were sitting, I saw two Roma children, heading towards us. I told my friend to run but he said they are not coming towards us. Finally they came to where we were sitting and started slapping me in the face and asking me why I sent the videos of the fire that had been caused at the 4th Pyrgos High School. After a while they stopped hitting me and left. I didn’t react, because there were other Roma a little behind. As soon as they left the scene, I also left and returned home. I told my mother and father about the incident, but I didn’t want to press charges because I was scared. That same day those who hit me uploaded a video of the incident to Instagram on an open profile where anyone could see and circulate it.

The video, apart from K.X., was also uploaded by K.A. on his profile and it was public on this profile as well, with the result that it was widely circulated from the specific profile and one of the internet users informed my father R.X. and he in turn entered A.’s profile, saw the video and recorded the material himself and has it on his mobile phone. That’s why I came to file a lawsuit, because they wanted to dismiss me.”

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“They told me threateningly that if I don’t cover them in court I will be in worse trouble”

It all started during last winter’s occupations at the 4th Gymnasium of Pyrgos. As can be seen from a video that has been circulating on the internet for the last few days, young people vandalized and set fire to their school. The young student took the stand in his deposition and that’s why…

“Regarding the fire I mentioned at the 4th High School, I wanted to state that in December 2021 H.K. and M. and K.L. , they set fire to the school while we were occupied. When I was called by the police, I just said who had started the fire because I had seen it on video who they were, but I never actually leaked any video. On Friday 26/08/2022, I was found on the street by Z. I don’t know his last name, and H.K. and M. and they told me threateningly and in a wild tone that if I didn’t cover them up in court for the fire, I’d be in worse trouble.”the 14-year-old emphasized.

“My son hadn’t told me anything about the video because he was scared”

At the same time, what the father of the 15-year-old student testifies about how he got hold of the controversial video showing two people beating his son, after the young student was afraid and did not talk to him about it, is also revealing.

“At the beginning of August 2022, my son was slapped by Roma with evidence of A.K. and the other Z., I don’t know his last name, which he himself informed me of. I was informed about the incident the same day. I thought it was nothing serious, because they are children, so I didn’t press charges. After about a week I was sent a video by my friend which shows two people beating my son and I was informed that the said video has been circulating on the internet for a long time. My son hadn’t told me anything about the video because he was scared.” said the 14-year-old’s father, among others.

“I sent my son to the village to protect him”

The 14-year-old’s mother, in her testimony, stated that in order to protect her son, she sent him to his father’s village, but as soon as the young student returned to Pyrgos, he was again accepted by the same children.

“On 08/08/2022, I saw the video that had been released and realized that it was not just kids fighting as my son had told me, obviously out of fear of him, but a much more serious matter. I was very scared, I didn’t know how to handle it and because I’m divorced I tried to get in touch with my ex-husband to see how we’d handle it because he’s Roma and I didn’t know how they’d go on. All this time I sent my son to the village to protect him, where he stayed with his father until 24/08/2022, in order to stay away from these children. I want to say that I have the video I mentioned above in electronic form and will provide it to you tomorrow. On Friday 26/08/2022, around 21:00, my son called me and told me that these Roma guys came again and threatened him, gave him two cuffs again and kicked him in the leg. These happened in the perimeter of Dexameni, specifically on Sarantaporou Street, where my son was walking with his friends and they met by chance. My son’s friend, K.M. begged him to leave so they could escape and then Z. cuffed my son and X. another cuff and a kick. The others just watched. My child and his friends went to the house of the father of one who was nearby and from there he called me and told me.”

The police involved

Meanwhile, on Wednesday the three involved in the case were brought to the Ilia Police Department in order to testify about the case, at the Pyrgos Police Department. The two testified and were released while the third got a deadline until next Monday.

The 14-year-old student filed a lawsuit against three people, two for bodily harm and the third for threatening.

News today:

With the testimony of a key witness, the interrogation of Malena and Iris begins today

At 10 the meeting of the Institutions and Transparency Committee for the follow-ups

Today, the last goodbye to 19-year-old Thalia, with military honors

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