Death of a 19-year-old student: In a climate of pain, the last goodbye in Thalia

Family, relatives, friends say the last “goodbye” to the unfortunate 19 year cadet of Navy, who died under still unclear circumstances on a training trip.

In a climate of pain and mourning, the Metropolitan Church of Agios Achillios in Larissa, the funeral procession her Thalias Kordambalou.

It is lined up outside the church naval accident in order to render them proper prices.

Present at the ceremony are the Chief of the Naval General Staff Vice Admiral Stylianos Petrakis, the Commander of the Naval Cadet School Rear Admiral Ioannis Pattas and Thalia’s classmates from the Naval Cadet School.

Tragic figures are the father, mother and brother of the unfortunate girl.

Waiting for exams

The results are expected to shed light on the causes of her death forensic examinationwhile in the second year the toxicological examination.

The father of the unfortunate student, speaking to MEGA, expressed his hope that the forensic examination to shed light on the cause of his child’s death and to immediately complete the procedures, so they can say goodbye to her.

“I don’t know how to tell you what my child died of. I read scripts too but for real no one knows. I hope that tomorrow (today, Wednesday) we will be in Greece, if the bureaucracy that exists here in Italy allows it, after the autopsy is completed. If nothing else comes up, the funeral has already been arranged to take place on Thursday at noon“, he said.

Authorities are looking into all possibilities, including the possibility that she was poisoned by something she drank or ate before the attacks began. symptoms of the disease.

According to information, the three days are being investigated August 18-21 that the two ships, the General Support Ship “Prometheus” in which the unfortunate Thalia was on board and the frigate “Kanaris” with the rest of the sea cadets (as part of the summer training trip) had tied to the Tunisia and specifically in the port of Lagoulet.

As it became known, the 19-year-old had received antipyretics and antibiotics, but her symptoms were severe and her condition was not improving.

The cadet was then taken to a hospital in Naples, where she developed a hemorrhagic rash and sepsisas a result of which the doctors deemed it necessary to admit her to the ICU.

Greek doctors also arrived in Naples, but they were unable to help the 19-year-old.

The article is in Greek

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