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Worsening weather from today

Worsening weather from today
Worsening weather from today

The competent civil protection services in the Magnesia Region and the municipalities are on standby, following the emergency weather report, according to which heavy rains and storms, lightning and hail are expected.

At a meeting of the SNO of Magnesia, the operational plan for preparedness and intervention was updated with the appropriate machinery and personnel, in order to deal immediately with the impending intense phenomena of rainfall, storms, etc.

A document was also sent to the Magnesia Police Department regarding the need for patrols and stopping traffic where necessary and if required either in streams, torrents or stream mouths, or in very dangerous places.

At the same time, the municipalities were also informed in writing with their project machinery to be ready and on alert, to inform the citizens about the upcoming phenomena and the relevant recommendations of the G.G. Pol. Protection and to give the relevant instructions to avoid unnecessary movements. It was also pointed out that the municipalities must also take care of informing visitors and tourists (in accommodation, camping, camps, etc.).

Finally, written notices were sent to all agencies, citizens and local farmers, breeders and beekeepers to restrict movement due to the upcoming deterioration of the weather.

The weather phenomena will affect the region today and tomorrow Saturday, when heavy rains and storms are predicted, which will be accompanied by a high frequency of lightning, hail and temporarily, during the phenomena, by strengthened gusty winds.

The Port Authority of Volos also made an emergency announcement recommending the owners and skippers of small boats to take all the necessary measures

secure mooring and not to set sail during the validity period of the emergency ticket.

Also bathers should avoid swimming, while nautical and fishing clubs are called to inform their members and to avoid the activity during the time of the emergency card.

For more information, those interested can contact the Central Port Authority of Volos (tel.: 2421353800 & 108).

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