They had cut her off from everyone and taken her property

They had cut her off from everyone and taken her property
They had cut her off from everyone and taken her property

As the police editor Vassilis Lambropoulos reveals, the relatives of the 75-year-old woman have denounced a series of acts of violence and methods against the soprano, with the ultimate goal of extracting her assets and money from her bank accounts.

The woman’s relatives speak of a “complex method”, while they state that during their visit they had found that the soprano was in a bad condition.

Specifically, they complain that the woman was assaulted on her face and body, as she herself was unable to react due to health problems. In fact, he had lost 10 kilos due to starvation.

Also, in the lawsuit filed by the soprano’s relatives, it is stated that the ring had asked her to transfer assets to them, specifically two properties in Athens and Corinthia, while they also withheld her bank cards.

They emptied her account – 150,000 euros flew away

The cousin of the 75-year-old soprano spoke of abuse of the woman by four people, who at the same time tried to remove her from her relatives.

“They were abusing her. We had also seen her beaten. Was he afraid? He didn’t want us to report it. I went, he didn’t want to. The apartment building saw it, the police came.”

She then referred to her shrinking bank account.

“I got her with 150,000 euros, then with 100,000 euros and finally with 65,000 euros… With these 65,000 euros, she also opened a hair salon for the Pakistani. She was giving him money from there. These must have eaten her in days. Suddenly they disappeared from the bank, I was a co-beneficiary.”

“I called to go with a doctor to her house and one of them picked up and said ‘who are you?’ I say to him “I’m the cousin, who are you?”. “I don’t know you,” he tells me. When we came here they had taken her and we called the police.”

As the woman’s cousin stated, the hospital then called him and informed him that she had been abandoned there.


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