Volkan dryly gives Aras to Assiya

Volkan, Aras and Asiya will face each other again, in the Faithless series. Leila has returned to Raidesto and is doing everything to reach her beloved husband. When she sees him with his new partner, she blurs.

Volkan, on the other hand, is looking for ways to prove that Aras is dangerous. So, he watches Leila, who on one of her outbursts shouts that Aras is her husband!

Asiya reveals to Deria that Aras started to remember another woman in his life. What does this mean for their relationship and what else might surface? Meanwhile, Aras realizes that Deryn has recognized him and knows very well who he is and where he comes from…

Asiya and Aras to the infidel

Deryn complicates matters

Deryn tells Volkan that she is ready to discuss their divorce, and when they are in front of their lawyers Volkan openly asks for full custody of their daughter.

Aras can no longer escape from his past. His wife, Leila, with whom he lived in London, has now discovered him in Raidesto and it is only a matter of time before they meet. His first move, to start divorce proceedings with her before telling everything to Asiya.

But he might not have time, as Volkan is one step away from discovering everything himself. Meanwhile, Ali’s erratic behavior in the Unfaithful series begins to worry Asiya and Volkan, who once again blames Aras.

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