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He will solve the problem in the midfield, next to Embilas! Who is the player from France that Piraeus is looking at, his price, his competitive characteristics and why his team gives him away.

Olympiacos – Mario Lemina: As a very good solution from the French league, the Gabonese midfielder is in the report of Piraeus as a possible next transfer.

The 29-year-old ace has had a long tenure at level teams (Marseille, Juventus, Galatasaray, Fulham, Southampton) and now in Nice he stands out with his performance in the midfield, which is why the Red and Whites are carefully considering his case.

His price on the Football Stock Exchange is up to 9 million euros and his contract with Nice runs until 2024, but apparently Olympiacos has their way if they want to bring him to Greece.

“Quick and knows the ball – Plays 6 and 8”

“He’s a light midfielder, he plays 6 without being much more 8, fast, knows the ball, has technique, but a little bit of everything“, said in his initial comment, on sportdog.gr, the good colleague Michalis Sinakos who follows the French championship and then added: “He’s had a couple of games this year, he’s not a clean cutter but he can help in that area as well. I’d say he’s 40% 6 and 60% 8 without being a super 8 on the other side.”


“As a central midfielder he is fast, that’s why he can cut and help in that part.”

“With Embila in the 11 – Lemina is surplus – He will come on loan”

Could he coexist with Embilas in the 11?

“Embila is more athletic, an exuberant midfielder, a different style. So they can play together, of course they can be in the same XI.”

With how much money could Olympiacos acquire him?

“Nice makes a lot of moves, they get players, maybe Lemina is too much for them. But I don’t think he’s too much to sell him. I think that if he comes to Greece, he’ll be on loan.”

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