The “Karamanli” Left and the eternal Tsipras flirtation with Karamanli

The “Karamanli” Left and the eternal Tsipras flirtation with Karamanli
The “Karamanli” Left and the eternal Tsipras flirtation with Karamanli

Let’s explain from the beginning. In the case of the wiretapping the government was lenient… bullshit. Both substantively and communicatively. And it remains a serious issue of democracy that citizens or politicians are monitored and no one knows why.

Transparency, purification, “everything in the light” are timeless demands for every political action, and much more so for acts that touch democratic rights and individual freedoms.

Therefore, anyone who comes out and asks for a lot of light to be shed on the wiretapping case, is doing the right thing and the government must do everything in this direction.

If she doesn’t do it, on the one hand, she will have put another nail in the “cross” of the -untrustworthy- political system, and on the other hand, she herself will pay for her imprudence at some point.

However, what should be disturbing the area of ​​the Left and Center-Left, which – supposedly – is represented by SYRIZA – after the intervention of the former Prime Minister, Kostas Karamanlis, is this “passion” that has taken over Koumoundourou with the so-called “popular – Karamanlik right”.

This tight embrace with a dynamic component of the New Democracy, which, however, is mainly represented by retired politicians with outdated ideas.

And the question is why SYRIZA and its “satellites” feel the need to connect directly with the Karamanli wing of New Democracy? Is the alliance even with the “devil” necessary in order to bring down the Mitsotakis government?

This is legitimate but it is not… leftist and not at all progressive, as SYRIZA wants to market itself.

And why does this perennial effort of Mr. Tsipras and his team never put K. Karamanlis and his government in the frame of responsibility for the course of the country in the last 20 years?

Why, for example, does the prime minister who left a deficit of more than 15% and during his administration some of the worst political and social events of the post-colonial period always stay in the dark?

I am talking about the deadly fires and the “general wind”, about the wiretapping scandal, about the December 2008, about the scandal of Vatopedi and the bonds, etc.

Why would SYRIZA, a left-wing party, not dare or want to criticize that period?

Why this open alliance with the former president of the Republic, Pr. Pavlopoulos?

Why does K. Karamanlis become a major political issue every time he speaks (counted on the fingers of one hand)?

Why should a controversial statement by Mr. Pavlopoulos be on the front page of “Avgi” or should they “push” failed, retired politicians from Karamanli with such pleasure, who are popular on social media and to whom no one pays any attention?

Is there a “Karamanlian Left” which is deservedly represented by SYRIZA?

Is there a need for the Left to embrace the ideological enemy simply because this harms “Mitsotakism”?

Or else, does any political chapter of the Karamanlis family accept to be a “monitor” of SYRIZA?

Is the Karamanli-Tsipras “courting” simply a good “chemistry” between two politicians and a good opportunity to bring the Left and the Right closer together?

I am watching on social media executives and supporters of SYRIZA celebrating what K. Karamanlis said yesterday from Crete. “He finished Mitsotakis.” “He threw him out of government.” “I love Karamanlis, he is a god, he destroyed them in the SW”.

These and many other things are written by leftists. Not some right-wing anti-Mitsotakis or centrists who want the government to fall and are doing well.

But leftists, who are supposed to have deep ideological differences with New Democracy.

Are they forgetting everything that happened in the period 2004-2009? Do they forget that a large part of the country’s bankruptcy bears the stamp of the Karamanlis government, along with those of PASOK of course?

Is SYRIZA forgetting all the scandals, even that of the wiretapping at the time, since they are “sensitive” to Koumoundourou with the surveillance?

And what a terrible irony: Dimitris Papagelopoulos was the commander of the EYP during the Karamanlis administration and he was appointed by Prokopis Pavlopoulos.

Mr. Papagelopoulos, minister of the SYRIZA government, “Karamanlikos”, who is now being taken to the Special Court.

Strange or “unholy” alliances (wolf alliances as Koutsoubas would say) are not unusual in politics.

What is strange is this “passion” of SYRIZA for anything Karamanli. And you know, “passion” is one letter different from “wrong”.

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