Resignation of Portugal’s health minister after the death of a pregnant woman

She was forced to submit her resignation Minister of Health of Portugal Marta Temidi, as the death of a pregnant tourist was caused by her decision to suspend TEP of obstetric clinics in some hospitals. The wave of reactions made her realize that she cannot meet her obligations.

The resignation was accepted despite her work with the effective vaccination campaign against covid-19. Specifically, the issue arose when the government decided not to operate Emergency department in nursing institutions, because there were not enough doctors due to summer holidays. However, a pregnant tourist died while being transferred from one hospital to another due to a lack of beds. Luckily her baby was born healthy. According to the BBC, during the summer two other women died. Many other women were forced to seek services in more distant hospitals at risk to themselves and their fetuses.

Recognizing her wrong political move Portugal’s health minister resigned despite her initial popularity over vaccinations. The discomfort of public opinion had been caused by lack of doctors and difficulties in the Health system, with health workers reacting to working conditions. THE lack of health personnel in Portugal, particularly those specializing in gynecology and obstetrics, has led the government to consider recruitment from abroad.

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