Navy: The funeral for the 19-year-old naval cadet broke hearts

With a greatness of soul, the father of the 19-year-old naval cadet, Thalia Kordambalou, immediately after his daughter’s funeral, hastened to thank the whole world for supporting him and the ugly game that fate played on his family

“A big thank you to all the world for the love that I took these days all over Calvary that I took a week in Italy and in what I live now“, said the devastated father of the 19-year-old student, Stelios Kordambalos shortly after his daughter’s funeral and burial.

The funerals of her fellow students, at the Metropolitan Church of Agios Achillios in Larissa, broke hearts. where the funeral procession of 19-year-old Thalia took place.

Her devastated parents, inside the temple, could not wipe the tears from their faces.

“We came here today, your relatives, friends and those who had the honor of meeting you. Our pain is unbearable. You fought a lot, you overcame every obstacle, with your efforts and sacrifices you became a role model. Your attitude proved that you were an example to follow. We will remember you rejoicing, dancing with us and filling us with vitality and levity. You made us proud to be cadets. My personal regret is that I’m not a good dancer and I didn’t get to dance one last dance with you. We will love you forever and we are proud of you. Good heavens, you will live forever in our hearts,” says a fellow student at the funeral.

“What I can assure you, Thalia, is that none of us will forget, all the moments we spent together. You may be gone but you will always be one of us,” said another of her fellow students at his funeral.

Eulogies were also delivered by a cousin of hers and the head of the Navy.

From early in the morning, relatives and friends passed by the family’s house to sympathize with her parents. The tears are heartbreaking. “There are no words for Thalia, we will never forget her” say most of those who arrived at the 19-year-old’s parental home.

In the Metropolitan Church where the funeral is held, the parents brought sweets and sweets. The ones they dreamed of making when 19-year-old Thalia Kordambalou would climb the church steps, dressed as a bride.

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