Show me your ring, I’ll tell you who you are

Show me your ring, I’ll tell you who you are
Show me your ring, I’ll tell you who you are

Rings: What are the symbols hidden behind the hand and the finger we wear them on.

The ring is not a simple piece of jewelry. First of all, it has a long history and is associated with ancient cultures and symbolism. At first a ring “betrays” several things our personal data and various identities us: it reveals our age (when we are children, we wear plastic, when we grow up we switch to silver and gold), our gender, our social class, our taste and elements of our character (boldness, humor). It acts as a hard disk storage for our memories (you never throw away a ring) and changes our mood and confidence level as much as a nice outfit. The ring is not a detail that completes a stylistic packaging. It’s all that, but it’s also something else: it is a carrier of various symbolisms.

Depending on the finger we wear it on, we also give a different message. Symbolism and interpretations change not only from finger to finger but also from hand to hand, as well as from country to country. In other words, the phase is a bit of a let-down. Traditionally, however, because most people are right-handed, the right hand is considered the hand of activities and the left hand of intellect and emotion.

Let’s see in detail what we confess to those who meet us depending on where we wear the accessory.

The ring worn on the left hand on the middle finger reveals our love and family status (marriage). In Greece the engagement ring is worn on the right and the wedding ring on the left, in Germany and Austria the reverse. The tradition begins with the Romans, who believed that a vein passed through this point (Vena Amoris, the “vein of love”), which connected directly to the heart. Of course, some people misunderstood the romantic dimension of the matter and made doctor sophistry. The “discovery” of the wedding ring is due to the ancient Egyptians. Its round shape represents “forever”.

The jewel on the little finger it is associated with wealth and success. In addition to mobsters, famous powerful men such as Brad Pitt, Drake or Ringo Starr wear jewelry on their little finger. If you’re not Brad Pitt, you declare on the one hand that you’re free, independent and not looking, on the other that you’re proud of your family. The first tradition dates back to the Victorian era, when men and women used this method to ward off unwanted suitors. The second tradition started in Scotland where they wore a ring with their family crest.

The middle “rude” finger with a ring on it signals that someone is single and maybe even interested in a relationship.

THE index finger it is associated with leadership skills, authority and high self-confidence. A ring on the index finger of either the left or right hand demonstrates these qualities to others. It is usually worn by men for obvious reasons (grocers!).

One thumb ring it is supposed to act as a protection against dark forces, evil spirits, misfortune and even disease. This belief is rooted in mythology (it is associated with Poseidon and Hercules), but it is perpetuated to this day. A ring worn by a woman on the left thumb indicates power and high social status or being a member of the LGBTQ+ community. From a man, that he is a tough guy.

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