He slept for hours and thought it was the hangover, but the reality was scary

He slept for hours and thought it was the hangover, but the reality was scary
He slept for hours and thought it was the hangover, but the reality was scary

A young student, only 21 years old, when she visited her doctor, she learned that the symptoms she had experienced were by no means innocent and she thought they were due to a hangover.

This is about Molly Hunt from Chesman, Buckinghamshire, Great Britain who felt stomach pain every time she had a drink, and the next day she was exhausted.

The young woman, since last October, thought that the symptoms were due to her schedule, since in the morning she went to the University and attended classes, while in the evening she had fun in clubs with her friends until the morning.

“Sometimes I thought it was a hangover… I thought I was pushing myself to the limit,” he told The Sun.

Seeing that she was suffering, she began to cut down on her night outs and alcohol consumption, as well as going to school less often so she could rest.

However, the symptoms not only did not subside, but worsened, especially the feeling of exhaustion.

“Even if I went to bed at 10pm, sometimes I would wake up at 1pm because I was exhausted. I was afraid even for a while to go out alone without my company or my friend Harry, because the fatigue would hit me out of nowhere,” she noted about her condition.

Four months after symptoms began, Molly Hunt noticed a tumor the size of two grapes on her collarbone. Then, she went to the hospital with the doctors putting her through a series of tests, especially since a 15-week period had passed and the tumor had not disappeared.

A month later he learned the bad news one day on his way home from work, which he had caught in between. “I came home from work on Monday having had one of the best days at work until I saw my dad, who said, ‘Can you come into the living room with me and Harry?’

There, he learned that he has cancer, specifically Hodgkin’s lymphoma, one of the two main types of cancer in the lymph nodes. “I remember crying uncontrollably, it was like screaming. It was definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. At first I thought “am I going to die?. Has my life completely changed forever?”, he said characteristically.

Since then, she has undergone operations, especially since she also developed a tumor in her breast, but now her cancer is in remission.

Now, the 21-year-old continues to fight to defeat the disease, as the possibility of undergoing chemotherapy again is still open, while through GoFundMe she is trying to raise money to cover her medical expenses.

“I am constantly taking my temperature, blood pressure and oxygen levels. I live in my nightmare”, she says about her life, but notes that she will continue to fight.

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