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K. Nikolakopoulos records on his blog in the gazzetta the data on the list of Olympiakos in the Europa League, but also with the positions of its foreigners in the league and with the loanees.

Tomorrow night, Olympiacos is obliged to declare to UEFA the list of its players for the Europa League group stage matches.

The interest it basically focuses on the 17 foreigners who may be on the list, since for the Greeks things are clearer. For the 8 positions (four and another four natives), there are on the one hand Manolas, Papastathopoulos, Bouchalakis, Masouras (with alternative Fortounis or Koutris, if one of the first four leaves), and on the other hand the natives Tzolakis, Retsos, Androutsos, It’s pouring.

Who will be, but the 17 foreigners? At the moment, Olympiacos has 22 on the roster. Vatslik, Christianson, Vrsaliko, Avila, Reabciuk, Leidner, Cisse, Ba, Embila, Kude, Agibu, Inbom Huang, Pep Biel, Zinkernagel, Valbuena, Rangelovic, De La Fuente, Rodriguez , El Arabi, Wei Jo Huang, Abu Kamara, Hassan. Therefore, a minimum of five must be cut. At least because logic says that Olympiacos will get at least two players within two days (they are looking for a winger, a left back and a cutter), in order to be able to declare them to UEFA in time.

Anyway, let’s go with today’s data, based on which five foreigners must be “cut” from the list. Because as some may come, some may also leave… So one off the list is expected to be Christianson, second Hassan and third Leitner, who is said to have his community passport from mid-October. The other two?

One issue are the injured who have been absent for a long time: Vrsaliko has been playing since July 27 and Abu Kamara since July 20. How much will this abstention affect their presence on the list, especially the second one? Something similar can be said for Rodríguez, who missed the entire preseason due to injury and has only played two 20-minute games all summer.

From now on, another important issue for Olympiacos, this time for the league, has to do with the positions of foreigners, as yes Olympiacos, maintaining a B team, can have 12 foreigners (ie without a community passport), of which at least four under 23s, however in each match he can declare a maximum of five. So it doesn’t make sense for him to have that many, unless we’re talking about youngsters who are mainly meant for Olympiakos B.

This moment Olympiacos has nine, actually eight, as Algasim is for the B team. Of the eight, Leidner is currently not counted, as he is also the youngest (20 years old) and needs acclimatization, pending the Community passport he will receive. So, there are essentially seven left: Cisse, Ba, Kunde, Agibu, Inbom Huang, Ui Jo Huang, De La Fuente. Oper means that the coach in each match must have two out. As in Tripoli he had Agibu and De La Fuente outside. But how easy is it for a coach to leave two of these seven players in each game?

If you want my appreciation, if Olympiacos finally gets a six-eighth, I wouldn’t rule out giving one of Koude, Agibu, depending on the proposals that will come for them. Already, Bochum had made an offer for Kute, who Maccabi Haifa also reportedly wants.

Let’s calculate that the rule of maximum five foreigners per league match (and Cup) also plays a role in Olympiakos’ transfers. At the moment, the club is not even discussing getting another non-Community foreigner, even though many are proposed to it, because it simply does not want more. There will have to be some… super duper case, which will probably hardly arise at the end of the transfer period, so that they change their minds at Olympiakos.

99% everyone else who comes will have a community passport.

By the way, let me remind you that Olympiacos has loaned three foreign non-EU players, Mandi (Roma), Kane (Paphos) and Onyekourou, otherwise they would now have 12! As Pepe (Ankaragutsou), Carvalho (Estoril) have gone abroad on loan. Therefore, Olympiacos can lend to a foreign team and other players, since a maximum of eight must be loaned to foreign teams, based on the new regulations. Lovera, Fatiga (to Ionikos), Bagalianis (to PAS) have also been given, while Sourlis (Fortuna Sittard), Kitsos (Omonoia) have also been given, but as natives they are not included in the maximum eight loanees who can go to a team of abroad.

On the other, Olympiacos still has the right to take many more loanees, since eight is the limit here as well. And he has taken three, De La Fuente (Marseille), Ui Joe (Nottingham) and Retso (Hellas Verona). In my estimation, he will get at least one more loan…

Irrelevant: I don’t think the information from Portugal about the possible transfer of central midfielder Meite from Benfica to Olympiacos is valid.

The article is in Greek

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