Gerard Butler “destroyed” his body for “300” –

Gerard Butler “destroyed” his body for “300” –
Gerard Butler “destroyed” his body for “300” –

How the cinematographer Leonidas experienced his Spartan physique in the absolute hit of his career. Can you get his schedule?

No matter how many years pass, every time we try to imagine the face of Leonidas, King of Sparta and hero of Thermopylae, none other than Gerard Butler seems more suitable.

“300” started as a joke – even for Butler himself – but with the right use of CGI, metal music and Zach Snyder’s directorial care, the $456 million at the box office exposed every doubter and hater.

“I really remember wearing the red cape on set and showing a burning village on the green screen and saying to myself, ‘This movie isn’t going anywhere,'” he previously told The Hollywood Reporter.

The body that made the difference

Undoubtedly one of the strengths of the film beyond the emphatic battles and brutal scenes was the incredible writing that had Butler and the rest of his 299 comrades –we borrowed it from parody– in battle against his endless hordes Xerxes.

Many attributed it to CGI, however the image of each of the soldiers really looked like they came from years of training and savagery. According to Butler, in order to get to the point of “brutalizing” so much, he needed 6 hours of training every day, of three different kinds.

Two hours CrossFittwo hours bodybuilding and two other training for the battle scenes.

You could say that I was somehow destroying my body with so much training every day. What I went through in preparation for the “300” was not just tough, but the hardest I’ve ever experienced in training” are the words-proof that to become worthy of Leonidas is not a simple task.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed every moment of my “destruction”.». Considering the end result, he sure enjoyed it and did.

For example, an exercise to become Leonidas

In Crossfit circles they call it the WOD (Workout of the Day), during which you are given the program of the exercises and the total repetitions that you must perform and you must have completed them by the end of the training. Something like him Coach Carter where the players had to have done specific push ups and kamikaze by the end of the week. One hour of exercise out of the two had the following exercise plan.

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