Unspeakable sadness at the funeral of the 19-year-old Naval Cadet, with military honors her body in the Metropolitan Church (video, images)

The grief over the sudden death of 19-year-old Thalia who was a Naval Cadet in the Navy is unspeakable, and at this time her funeral is being held with military honors and endless mourning.

With military honors, the body of 19-year-old Thalia Kordambalos arrived a little while ago at the Metropolitan Church of Agios Achillios.

Mourning by the cadet’s parents, relatives and friends, while her classmates from the School of Naval Cadets present.

The Chief of the Naval General Staff Vice Admiral Stylianos Petrakis and the Commander of the Naval Cadet School Vice Admiral Ioannis Pattas have arrived at the church.

A crowd of fellow citizens passes in front of the corpse of the naval officer giving the last cheer.

At this time the funeral is being held by the Metropolitan of Larissa and Tyrnavos Hieronymos.

Images and videos from larisanet.gr:

Thalia’s cousin: “You are an example to all of us”


“You were and will always be a role model for everyone, you will be our pillar”

The head of the school cried at the funeral: “You learned not to kneel in hardships, you were an example to be followed not only as a student but as a person”

“I didn’t get to dance one last dance with you, we will love you forever, I know the sea will be calm and peaceful on this last journey of yours”


Classmates of 19-year-old Thalia: “We will remember you with a smile”


“No one will forget the moments we spent together, you may be gone but you will always be with us.”

Metropolitan Hieronymos: “Sadness but also honor for Larisa Thalia”



The biography of 19-year-old Thalia


With an applause the exit of the body from the house


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