Petros Xekoukis: “The businessman told me to bury my father in the morning because we had a double show”

Petros Xekoukis, speaking on the show “Who’s in the morning”, described how difficult he experienced the death of his father, when due to his professional obligations he could not go to see him.

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The attitude of Manousos Manousakis

“I was acting in Soul Touch when my mother suddenly took me at 11 in the morning and told me during the shooting that my father had suddenly left. I couldn’t leave the shoot and leave the scene in the middle because we didn’t have many episodes. Manousos Manousakis begged me to shoot the scene and then leave. We finished the stage at exactly 4pm.

How harshly the theater entrepreneur treated him

At 5 I had to be at the Peroke Theater and by the end of the show it was 2 in the evening. I remember that in my pain that I had not seen my father since the morning and I was also doing comedy, the businessman told me bluntly:

“See that you bury your father to-morrow morning, for to-morrow afternoon you have a double act, and you must be here.”

That for me was that I didn’t have time to make him happy”, confessed Petros Xekoukis.

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