Where are the rent prices for student housing?

In an intractable “puzzle” develops the finding student accommodation for the successful candidates of the All-Hellenic Examinations, potential students in the country’s Universities, due to the increased rents and the reduced supply of available real estate.

Rents in the other cities, such as Patras, Corfu and Chania, show increasing trends, even a double-digit rate. On the contrary, the prices in Larissa are at lower levels, with the cost of renting a student residence up to 25 sq.m. range from 170 to 300 euros.

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See table – How the landscape is formed in Corfu

According to the report of ERT and Themis Baka, President of the Hellenic Network, e-real estates, student housing with a rent of up to 200 euros does not exist. For rent residence up to 50 sq.m. up to 200 – 250 euros, the availability reaches 6.67%. Houses with a rent of more than 300 euros in many cases refer to furnished houses.

Same picture in Kalamatawhere the greatest availability exists in residences with a rent of more than 400 euros.

From 450 to 650 rents in Rethymno, Crete – Hard to find houses

The rents are also affordable Rethymno, Crete, as brokers emphasize. According to Yiannis Kriaras, the decrease in availability also results from the event that foreigners rent residences for the whole year.

The data so far regarding student housing leases for this year are revealing, since the growth trends even reach 26%, compared to 2021, as well as the low availability of properties for rent.

Parents should know that it is difficult to find a small studio that has not been renovated in areas such as Zografou, Exarchia, Pagrati, Koukaki, Kallithea and Neo Kosmos.

What to look for when looking for student housing

-Reject a possible proposal for a rent increase.

-Don’t accept two guarantees.

– Keep looking real estate with autonomous heating.

-Don’t look for a house outside the university gate.

-Avoid renting basements, attics or very old houses.

-Organize your search and don’t rush to end up with the first house you find.

-Do not respond to ads with low rental prices, which require a deposit to be viewed.

– Do not advance money to various so-called real estate consulting or service companies.

-If you contact a real estate agency, you should check that it is legal.

-Before proceeding to sign the contract, be informed about the utilities, the house bills and all possible expenses beyond the rent.

-Check the location of the house, the neighborhood and what it provides us (super market, banks, public transport, etc.).

-Check the house thoroughly to identify any damages and point them out to the owner so that he can proceed with the necessary repairs before you start living in the house.

– The rent is paid on the agreed date.

– The payment of the guarantee is not an obligation of the tenant arising from the law, but has prevailed as a rental habit.

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