Simulations of attack on American warships by China, downing of drones by Taiwan

Simulations of attack on American warships by China, downing of drones by Taiwan
Simulations of attack on American warships by China, downing of drones by Taiwan

H China is conducting simulated attacks against US naval vessels in a bid to prevent foreign forces from helping Taiwan in the event of war, Taiwan’s defense ministry said in a report warning of Beijing’s military plans.

Tensions between Taiwan and China are running high after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei angered Beijing as it was seen as meddling in Chinese affairs.

China, which claims democratically-ruled Taiwan as its own despite strong opposition from the Taipei government, held military exercises after Pelosi’s visit and continues military activities near the island.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense, in a report to parliament that considered it Reuters, said China was continuing to boost its readiness for an attack on the island. It focused on the first “chain” of islands, from Japan to Taiwan, the Philippines and Borneo. There has been no reaction from Beijing.

China “uses battle drills to simulate attacks on US ships entering the first island chain” according to the report, and seeks to gain strategic control of it by 2035.

The US regularly sends ships into the South China Sea, sometimes near Chinese-controlled islands, and also into the Taiwan Strait, in “free navigation” missions that always anger China.

Beginning this year, the ministry said China increased its military intimidation with drills intended to undermine Taiwan’s morale, “force negotiations with war” and “force unification by arms.”

China could use special forces or agents to decapitate Taiwan’s command systems and damage infrastructure in an attack, and is capable of launching electronic attacks to disrupt communications and command systems, according to the report.

It could also blockade Taiwan by sea and cut off its energy supplies and economy – but Beijing still faces transport and logistics constraints in the face of a possible all-out invasion.

China, however, is deploying merchant ships for amphibious exercises to boost logistical support in the event of an attack on Taiwan, the ministry says, adding that China’s newest aircraft carrier is expected to enter service in 2025. It is also considering a Russian invasion of Ukraine. , resulting in modification of plans to attack Taiwan, according to the ministry. At the same time, it is reported that “grey” tactics could be used to change the military status quo, with missions drones and inflatable boats or sea militias.

Knock down drone

Taiwan has complained of repeated Chinese harassment drones and on Thursday he brought down an unknown politician for the first time drone that entered its airspace near an islet off the coast of China.

The military administration of Kinmen, a group of Taiwanese-controlled islands near the Chinese cities of Xiamen and Guangzhou, announced that the drone entered restricted airspace. The forces on the islet tried to chase it to no avail and then shot it down.

Taiwan had fired warning shots against drone for the first time on Tuesday, shortly after President Tsai Ing-wen warned of “strong countermeasures” against what she described as Chinese provocations.

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