“Joint” Ethiopian and Eritrean military operation in…

“Joint” Ethiopian and Eritrean military operation in…
“Joint” Ethiopian and Eritrean military operation in…

The armed forces of Ethiopia and Eritrea launched a “joint” operation early today against areas of the Tigray province bordering Eritrea and waging a “total war”, the authorities of this province in northern Ethiopia said.

Ethiopia, “after moving a huge military force into Eritrea, launched a joint attack with Eritrean invasion forces” against the northern part of Tigray, which borders Eritrea, the rebel command said.

This information has not been confirmed by an independent source, as journalists do not have access to the northern part of Ethiopia, and the telecommunications network is not working normally.

The Ethiopian government did not respond to a request for comment on the information.

“The enemy, after rejecting all proposals for peace, after deploying large forces, tactical and non-tactical, and allied with a foreign power (…) is waging a total war,” added the rebel command.

The rebels also claim that the Ethiopian federal army today, as it did yesterday, “repeatedly tried to enter” southern Tigray from neighboring Amhara province, where Ethiopian troops are supported by local forces and militias.

After a five-month ceasefire, hostilities in northern Ethiopia resumed on 24 August. Forces close to Addis Ababa (federal army, state forces, paramilitaries) and TPLF rebels blamed each other for the resumption of fighting.

The conflict in Tigray began in November 2020, when Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sent the army to oust the TPLF, which defied his rule after he accused it of attacking federal army bases.

The conflict has displaced millions of people, killed thousands of civilians and left much of Tigray’s population living in near-famine conditions.


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