Pyrgos: What the 14-year-old who was a victim of bullying says

His confession is riveting. His words testify to the fear he feels and the dark thoughts that now pass through his mind every day.

He is the 14-year-old who was beaten twice in the past few days by gang members who, he says, continue to threaten him, blackmail him and have caused him to lose sleep.

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The perpetrators are asking him to take responsibility for the destruction of an entire school in Pyrgos, in December 2021, and let him not be present, and let him not be seen anywhere in the videos taken on the day in question.

“They told me ‘get over it or you’re going to be in worse trouble if you don’t cover us, me, my brother and another kid in court,'” she reveals to Live News

The perpetrators who then entered the school were identified by the police and will be tried in a few days. From the first moment they consider the 14-year-old responsible and threaten him that even if they are convicted, his own torture will continue.

“The anxiety is not to get others involved, because he told me that if they get involved, they will get others to hurt me.”

On the day of the attack, the school was under occupation. As the 14-year-old says, the perpetrators came in organized and started destroying everything. After recording the damage, he and other classmates, who were taking part in the occupation, were called to testify to the police.

“The police called us and told us that we have to go to testify because we are being blamed for the fires. And we went and gave the information, names, videos, everything.”

The 14-year-old’s nightmare had just begun. The gang members began to threaten him, follow him and make him feel afraid every day. With him initially, not to say anything to his parents.

“From where I used to go out a lot, now I don’t go out much. I go out for no time in the afternoon and go home again.”

The situation came to a head later this month when the 14-year-old suffered two vicious attacks, one of which was recorded by the gang leader, who was giving the orders.

That day the 14-year-old had no room to escape. The group of 10 surrounded him and the blows began to “rain”. However, the video made the 14-year-old talk and reveal everything.

“They consider it magic to be heavy, to break things. Others are also facing problems, two others here in the neighborhood.”

Three additions

Three arrests have already been made, with the police continuing to investigate so that everyone involved can be arrested, with the 14-year-old declaring that he is determined not to back down until the case has the conclusion it deserves.

“I feel more secure and satisfied now that they have been caught. I hope we stop being afraid to move around. We need to talk to everyone about this, to discuss it, for the police to act.”

As the 14-year-old says, his classmate, the minor who takes the video, threatened him that if he didn’t redact his statement, “worse trouble awaits me and I’ll be out of the house for a long time.”

The video, which was the trigger for the 14-year-old’s aggressive behavior and was handed over to the police, came into the hands of the youngster after the bullies sent a mass message to group chats on social media and threatened their classmates to keep their mouths shut.

“I’ve heard they’ve done other things too but I’m not sure.”

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