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Having in their hands the confession of the 64-year-old arrested for the brutal murder of 55-year-old Liliana from Romania, who was found dead by a salesman in an abandoned house in Nicosia, the investigators of the case are trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle one by one in order to find out the crime, since there is still a lack of investigative work that will provide answers to all the unsolved riddles, especially regarding the motive of the perpetrator, who stabbed and killed the victim.

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The 64-year-old, who comes from the close environment of the 55-year-old, was arrested yesterday afternoon by the authorities, who obtained testimony that linked him to the scene of the crime, while in the morning he was brought before the Nicosia District Court, which ordered his detention for eight days.

According to police sources, the authorities received testimonies placing the suspect at the scene of the crime, at the time when the murder is estimated to have been committed, while the said testimonies were also confirmed by the cameras from the scene, which showed specific movements of persons which the Police focused on, including the 64-year-old.

Following the evidence that emerged, the Police issued an arrest warrant against the 64-year-old, who, after being arrested, was taken for questioning, during which he soon “fallen” and admitted to committing the crime, making various allegations that are being investigated.

Knives were found in the suspect’s possession, which were taken for scientific tests to determine whether they are the killer or the killer weapon that took the life of the 55-year-old woman, who suffered multiple skull fractures and multiple injuries.

At the same time, investigations are also being carried out in a second house, where, according to police sources, the two of them lived, however, the possibility that the murder was committed elsewhere and moved to the abandoned house, has been ruled out. However, there may be evidence that will contribute to the full investigation of the case.

The security cameras at the scene have been put under the microscope of the investigators, in order to verify the movements of the 64-year-old, while the results of the scientific tests on the evidence received from the crime scene are awaited, since there is the possibility of identifying genetic material of the suspect.

According to what was heard before the Court, the Police have received dozens of statements from people from the friendly and neighboring environment of the 55-year-old, while approximately 30 other people are expected to testify.

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