When Diana met Grace Kelly: What was the Princess of Monaco’s grim warning

When Diana met Grace Kelly: What was the Princess of Monaco’s grim warning
When Diana met Grace Kelly: What was the Princess of Monaco’s grim warning

What happened when Princess Diana first met Grace Kelly? And what was the warning of the second to the only 19-year-old fiancee of Charles at the time?

Before she became the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly was a famous actress during Hollywood’s golden age. She met her future husband, Prince Rainier of Monaco, while filming the 1955 film “To Catch a Thief” on the French Riviera.


The “wedding of the century” and the problems

On April 18, 1956, Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier in a ceremony dubbed “the wedding of the century.” And after becoming Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly retired from acting.

Snapshot from the wedding of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco

No one knows for sure the truth about the marriage of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier, but there are rumors that there were tensions in their relationship. Many believe that Rainier forced her to quit acting, which she did not want. The prince is also said to have had three mistresses within a month of marrying Kelly, which left her feeling humiliated and unhappy.

Grace Kelly’s first meeting with Princess Diana

Twenty-five years after Grace Kelly became a princess, another outsider has infiltrated the inner circle of another monarchy. In March 1981, Grace Kelly met the then 19-year-old Diana Spencer at a music recital at Goldsmith’s Hall in London. This was Diana and Charles’ first official royal outing since their engagement was announced.


Princess Diana with Grace Kelly and Prince Charles

Princess Diana’s “wrong” dress

The evening proved disastrous for Diana. For this particular event, she had chosen a black Emanuel dress, which attracted the public’s attention because the British royal family usually wore black only at funerals.

Princess Diana in her first public outing with Prince Charles since announcing their engagement

The press also commented on the dress’s neckline, questioning whether it was too revealing for an event attended by Grace Kelly. Diana, she later recalled, had initially thought that “black was the smartest color you could have at the age of 19”.


But then he remarked that this gala “was a horrible idea.” “I didn’t know if I should be the first one out the door. I didn’t know if your bag was supposed to be in your left hand and not your right. I was really terrified.”

Diana and Charles on their first outing as engaged

According to Andrew Norton, Diana’s official biographer, the princess always admired Grace Kelly. So that evening, he had the opportunity to meet Princess Grace, noting “how lovely and peaceful she was, although something was troubling her, I saw that.”

During the evening, Princess Grace appeared to notice that Diana was upset. Besides, the rest of the guests were still openly discussing her black dress. Therefore, he asked her to meet in the toilets.


Grace Kelly’s grim warning to Diana

Once they were alone, Diana opened up to Grace Kelly, telling her how she was struggling with the publicity, but also her sense of isolation and her fears about the future. After hearing what Diana had to say, Princess Grace jokingly replied: “Don’t worry. It will get much worse.” Unfortunately, as Princess Diana was to learn, she was right.

Princess Diana at Grace Kelly’s funeral

Eighteen months after they met, Princess Grace died in a terrible car accident after suffering a stroke while driving. He was only 52 years old when he passed away. Princess Diana attended her funeral, feeling indebted to the woman who had been so kind to her during her traumatic first public appearance.


No one could have imagined that Princess Diana would also die in a car accident just 15 years after the death of Grace Kelly, on August 31st.

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