Don’t miss this Sunday with the First Topic | Marie Claire

Don’t miss this Sunday with the First Topic | Marie Claire
Don’t miss this Sunday with the First Topic | Marie Claire

Thethose of you who choose to buy the “Theme” with the offers (€4.25) this week get:

1. The newspaper

2. Car, the best car magazine.

This is CAR, the best car magazine,
…which is also at the top of the Greek market,
… which drives developments in the car,
… read by millions of readers around the world,
… which tests, compares, analyzes and presents to you without fear and with an opinion,
… which informs you about everything you need to know about the car with its unaffected opinion, its deep automotive culture and the biggest Greek and foreign signatures.

CAR puts the reader at the center. He speaks for…
Because CAR can!

Read in CAR coming this Sunday September 4 with the FIRST TOPIC:

• Cover Story
Honda is writing the next chapter of the hardcore hot-hatch. We learn all about the new generation of the explosive model from the people who created it and get a first taste by driving the development prototype on the track.

We test Nissan’s new electric SUV that marks the start of a new chapter for the Japanese company, bringing it back to the forefront of electrification.

We drive the dream Ferrari with the atmospheric V12 engine of 840 PS that connects the glorious past with the present and the future of the Italian brand.

Electrification enters the hot-hatch vocabulary and through the contrast of the electric Born with the plug-in hybrid Golf GTE we see how affordable driving pleasure can survive in the electric era.

The Defender electrifies, keeping its charming and delightfully rugged character intact.

Great tribute to our national race that will be held on September 8-11, with all the information and useful instructions to experience it up close.

We still drive:
• BMW i4 iDrive40 – MERCEDES-BENZ EQE 350+
• LEXUS NX450h+

With the most valid Greek and foreign signatures!

3. The seventh book in The Clifton Chronicles series by Jeffrey Archer “In the twilight of life”

A magnificent story, after 6 shocking books, reaches the peak of its dramatic intensity. After decades of adventures, the heroes are now on the brink of the abyss and the merciless, final conflict with each other.
With the critically acclaimed finale to the multi-volume epic The Clifton Chronicles, Jeffrey Archer proves that he not only knows the stuff of modern literary legends, but that he also has mastered the craft of processing it. .
The book “In the twilight of life”, as the 7th and last part of the “Chronicles” could not but begin episodically – with a gunshot to be exact.

Immediately the questions besiege the reader and foreshadow the shocking developments that he will follow while reading this particular novel: Who was the one who shot and who was he targeting? In the end, who will live and who is doomed to die? The book “In the twilight of life” is the last chance – but also the lucky shot for the protagonists of “The Clifton Chronicles”. For example, Harry Clifton begins writing the biggest and most ambitious book of his career, while the Barringtons’ shipping empire is being sold.

But as the company falls into the hands of its new owners, Harry’s wife, Emma Barrington, suddenly receives a phone call from Britain’s infamous “Iron Lady”, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. But, just at the crucial moment, when it seems that history is turning the page opening a completely new chapter for the two dynasties, the Cliftons and the Barringtons, a tragic unexpected happens. And then everything seems ready to start all over again, literally from scratch.

4. GALA, the leading international lifestyle magazine

in both versions (€4.25 – €2)

Gala is an iconic title with international influence, which is already in circulation in five countries of the world. It produces high-quality content, collaborates with international photographers and established journalists while creating global exclusives with record reposts on social media.

Gala is a magazine that has been identified with aesthetic perfection, reliability and authentic style, elements that make it different.

Gala, the most luxurious edition ever, is available both in the regular edition of the newspaper (€2.00) and in the edition with offers (€4.25) and is the central insert of the newspaper, aimed at female and male readers.

Those of you who choose to buy the simple version of THEME (€2) this week get:

1. The newspaper.

2. GALA, the leading international lifestyle magazine

3. The weekly magazine “PROTO THEMA CROSSWORD”, with 32 pages of original and unpublished crosswords and sudoku.

And this Sunday with THEME – in the simple version of 2 euros – a 32-page magazine for your free time.

FIRST ISSUE CROSSWORD, a magazine of original and unpublished CROSSWORDS and SUDOKU smart, easy, medium, hard, very hard, normal, Nordic, American, three-phase, from the best professional creators, to exercise your brain.

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