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I was attacked by bums, cameras everywhere

This morning Afroditi Latinopoulou found her car dented and with broken side mirrors. The former New Democracy politician and current member of the party created by Konstantinos Bogdanos uploaded a video on Instagram, emphasizing that the previous night he had been verbally attacked by two women, whom he described as tramps.

Aphrodite Latinopoulou, known to the general public mainly for extreme views he expresses from time to timeprecisely on the occasion of the damage to her car, she wondered why a law has not been enacted requiring stores to have cameras outside.

“I park my car outside a coffee shop to go home. I am approached by two vagabond women who start verbally attacking me saying that I should not exist, I should not live, I should disappear and everything related because my views are fascist. I don’t care, I reply that these are my opinions and I’m not going to change and I continue to go home. The next day, that is today, I found my car in this condition…”, he said and continued: “This is their democracy, this is the way they respond. This is their fascism. This is exactly. Nothing else. They have no arguments, no ideology, nothing. They have only destruction. And I wonder why a law hasn’t been enacted yet that the camera be mandatory in all shops.

Because these perpetrators, now the police would know where they are. And this is something that needs to be done. And everyone should be arrested and punished accordingly.”

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