They stole the car of the Paralympic champion Romaios Roumeliotis

They stole the car of the Paralympic champion Romaios Roumeliotis, a dark blue Mercedes 180C with a disabled blue license plate ANP 3736

The state has forgotten him, and remembers him only when he brings gold medals to Greece. World gold medalist and Paralympic champion Romaios Roumeliotis received another blow today.

They stole his car, which even has disabled plates and is obviously adapted to his needs and absolutely necessary for his movements.


He announced the loss via Facebook and asked for the public’s help, as he says he did not receive the immediate help he expected from the police.

More specifically, he wrote on Facebook:

“This morning at 5:30 my Mercedes 180C dark blue car with a disabled blue plate ANP 3736 was stolen from a parking lot in Agios Panteleimon in Athens. The local police department declared itself incompetent and the relevant security department opens at 7:30. Whoever can help.”

In 2015, Roman Roumeliotis won the gold medal in the Paralympic Archery at the 6th CISM World Military Games held in Mungyeong, South Korea.

History repeated itself in Fontainebleau, France where he took part in the Armed Forces World Archery Championship.

The article is in Greek

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