Change of electricity provider: The supporting documents

There are not a few who choose to leave one provider and go to another, in the midst of an unprecedented energy crisis. THE change of power supplier is – so far – free and many are turning to looking for competitive month-to-month rates, even if they are in debt to the previous one. If nothing changes, they will be able, until July 2023, to change without any “penalty” every month provider choosing the one that suits them best.

The supporting documents for changing electricity supplier

The papers needed to change provider are as follows:

  • Copy of passport or identity card or residence permit/residence permit.
  • Electricity bill of the property or any document (DEDDIE) showing the property’s supply number or Proof of relationship with the property.
  • Meter indication (eg photo).
  • Notification of VAT number and D.O.Y.

If the procedure is to be carried out by an authorized person, then he must have with him:

  • Certified authorization (original or simple photocopy) from KEP or the competent Superior Authority (Church, State, Embassy, ​​etc.) or Police Authority.
  • Passport or residence permit, Police ID.

5 things to look out for in the new provider

According to the lawyer Ariadni Douka who spoke to OPEN a few days ago, the consumer must pay particular attention to the following:

Monthly fixed charge of 5 euros: “Consumers must pay attention to the contract if the fixed amount of 5 euros in the first phase is mentioned in some months or it is mentioned for the entire duration of the contract. What should be mentioned is that the 5 euros is valid for the entire duration of the contract and in any case with the latest period in July 2023”.

Electricity supplier discounts: “The prices given by the providers must be distinct from the discounts given by the state subsidy. In essence, we have a discount given by the state. If the provider gives a discount, then this is extra. To date there is no such thing, especially at the charge price. To give an example, like the consistency discount. If you pay your bills on time, you get a discount. This must be distinct from the state subsidy”.

Kilowatt hour limit: “Some providers may give an attractive price for a period of time for 500, 1,000 kilowatt-hours, and from then on the price may increase, even to a considerable height. Pay attention to what it says in the contract. That is, if we exceed these 500 – 1,000 kilowatt hours, the increased price will also apply to these 500 or 1,000. Because if the ceiling is exceeded, let’s say, and someone imposes for all consumption, the bill skyrockets.”

Fixed-price contracts: “Some people have fixed pricing contracts, e.g. someone took out a contract in June 2022. This at all cannot be changed if the contract is annual until June 2023. It has been observed that some providers have gone to change the fixed tariffs and impose the new charges. This is not possible. It’s illegal.”

Indemnity Clause: “It has been observed in contracts that if you leave me and go to another provider before the contractual term, you pay. This is illegal. Be careful if it is included in the contract to ask for it to be removed from the contractual text.”

See Ariadne Douka’s advice in detail:

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