These are the new electricity prices from today for all providers

Cheaper than the pre-energy crisis levels are formed current prices in September after the subsidies amounting to 1.9 billion euros. These prices will be valid until the end of the month. However, as Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis clarified in his presentation to the Cabinet, the resources are not inexhaustible, while the Minister of Development, Adonis Georgiadis, recently warned consumers that they should change their daily habits because, now, “the electricity as good is very expensive”.

See electricity prices for all providers

It is noted that consumers can freely change electricity provider, even if they have debts to the previous one.

  • PPC: the final charge is set at 14.9-16.1 cents per kilowatt-hour (initial price 78.8 cents for the first 500 kilowatt-hours and 80 cents for the next, minus 63.9 cents which is the subsidy). It is exactly the same final charge that applied in August, so the original PPC price was 48.6 cents for the first 500 kilowatt hours and 49.8 for the next, minus 33.7 cents which was the August subsidy.
  • Protergia: the starting price is 78.213 cents per kilowatt-hour and drops to 14.313 after the subsidy, down from 21.213 cents in August. For the night current the charge is 77.855 min and decreases with the subsidy to 13.955.
  • Heron: the initial price in the Generous plan is 75 minutes and is configured to 60 minutes with the consistency discount (20 % or 15 cents per kilowatt hour). So with the subtraction of the subsidy, which is 63.9 cents, the tariff for consistent customers is zero (the additional difference of 3.9 cents, as explained to APE – BPE by competent sources of the company, will be deducted from the fixed amount). It goes without saying that only the energy charge is zeroed out, while the other charges for networks, utility bills, municipal fees, etc. apply as normal. The charge in this particular program in August was 13.9 cents per kilowatt hour.
  • Elpedison: the initial price ranges from 1.0804 – 1.1344 euros per kilowatt hour and decreases to 4.14-9.54 minutes after subtracting the subsidy and the loyalty pass (0.4 euros per megawatt hour) applied by the company.
  • NRG: Initial price 74.8-76.8 cents per kilowatt-hour, reduced to 10.9-12.9 cents with subsidy, compared to 16.2-23.2 cents which was the charge for August.
  • Watts+Volts: original price 78.4 cents, reduced to 14.5 cents with the subsidy against 28.3 which is the domestic tariff for August.
  • Natural Gas of Greece: initial price 67.9 cents, reduced to 4 cents post-subsidy and 2 cents per kilowatt hour for consistent customers, compared to 22.6 – 24.6 cents in August with and without the consistency discount respectively.
  • Volterra: initial price 77.8 cents, final after subsidy 13.9 cents (compared to 29.3 cents in August).
  • Zenith: initial price 68.7 cents, final 4.8 cents vs. 21.8 in August.
  • Volton: original price 98.9 cents (93.96 with consistency discount), down to 35 cents and 30.06 cents respectively, from 22.88 cents in August.

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