Farewell to Hero Donkey

What can Words say in the face of Tears?

A good-natured-necessary little creature, a donkey,

is strapped by its subhuman owner to a farm vehicle

and experiences the torture of being dragged for hours on the road.

The animal’s blood grooves the asphalt for hundreds of meters

and creates a dividing line that is a supreme shame for Humanity.

The horrific incident takes place – what a tragic irony –

in an area of ​​the prefecture of Ioannina that bears a semiological name·

it was “written” for the donkey

to experience his torturous final moments in a village called “Grammeno”.

In a flash, the incident spread throughout Greece,

as eyewitnesses release the photos

where they have immortalized the brutality suffered by the innocent animal.

Horror. Anger. Affliction.

The confused situation that prevails immediately after the notification,

results in the rumor spreading

that the big creature has already passed away·

however, in the gloom and emotional dystopia we feel,

a ray of optimism comes to light up our face.

The donkey lives.

Yes, thankfully there is hope;

however seriously injured, the donkey lives.

Unfortunately, soon our souls crumble again (for good now),

after the news arrives that – due to his irreversible condition –

the donkey will be euthanized.

Although this is a tragic irony;

an innocent creature to have Euthanasia as the only “e” of his life.

It’s painful to have no hopes,

but even more painful when hopes are born and immediately extinguished.

The martyred donkey experienced countless deaths.

This photo will haunt my soul and will haunt us for life.

In this photo we see a baby;

we see the Kindness of the Baby,

we see the Innocence of the Baby,

we see the Serenity of the Baby.

And yet,

this face belongs to a creature that had just been subjected to unbearable torture

and lay almost lifeless by the side of the road.

The heroic donkey, the one whose diminutive ends in “-rakos”,

he is thrown away like shit, like trash,

a few meters from the bloody streak he left as proof of his martyrdom on the asphalt.

Tears flow from our eyes.

I am devastated that the donkey succumbed to the brutality.

I am devastated that the donkey was euthanized.

It breaks me that he lived his life without welfare.

I thank this creature for the Teaching of Humility.

I will always be moved by the humble hashtag “#donkey”!

For days – from Sunday, when the incident became known, until today –

I feel a thrill to see it dominate “Social Media”

but also on journalistic websites,

the diminutive-caressing word “donkey”,

which condenses all tenderness

that we as the Human Species owed to this lovable creature when was in life

but We revealed it to him after his death.

Tragic Heterochronism.

Countless animals suffer our same painful heterochronism,

as Human Arrogance has structured the World and Life in general

with the barbaric self-centeredness of our Species.

It is no coincidence that Mark Twain

-that is, one of the most important intellectuals in the History of Humanity-

has bequeathed us the following monumental truth:

The fact that Man knows Good and Evil,

proves the superiority of his thought in relation to the Animals.

The fact that – in spite of all this – he does Evil,

proves the inferiority of his morality in relation to Animals!

Spiritually, Man is Superior to Animals.

Man is morally inferior to animals.

This is where it gets even more valuable

the famous line of Vassilis Avlonitis from the film “The Beauty of Athens” of 1954

and it is amply proved that the phrase “Spirit and Morals” involves an impossible balance.

There is no way that Spirit and Ethics can be on the same line,

but they will always stagger

creating (a)corners that sometimes lead to fatal results.

And there, where the mixture in question turns into a dystopia,

is when Spirit and Morality are totally absent,

as in the case of the barbaric subhuman who led to the death of the donkey.

Why is all this happening?

Because Man – full of arrogance and egomania – considers Animals as “lower forms of existence”,

as if he himself is not an animal,

as if the word “Animal” does not derive its etymology from the verb “Zo” and from the noun “Life”.

The world will become better when we realize and accept that “We are all Animals”.

Of course, this is “fine print” for subhumans,

who are permanently in a state of grandiose delusion,

unable to realize and appreciate – even in the least –

this literally inconceivable miracle called “Life”.

Beings who cannot perceive what “Universeness” is

(instead, they tend to use the oversimplified word “God”,

without understanding any of its symbolisms),

beings who cannot perceive that Life is an inconceivable coincidence

and how this inconceivable coincidence decided at the last moment

to bring us to life as men and not as donkeys, as sheep, as ants.


we are talking about unconscious beings who will consciously torture the bad ass,

knowingly they will slaughter the unlucky sheep, knowingly they will tread on the unlucky ant.

Man is an over(dis)honored being.

Man is Arrogance Personified.

In conclusion, we have a great idea about our species,

but the inexorable truth is that the Universe doesn’t even need us

(we are just “grains of sand” in the Universe

and we think we are “THE UNIVERSE”).

I look at this photo over and over again.

According to Universality I could have been the donkey (as could any of us),

to be dragged down the street by a subhuman, to be thrown aside like trash,

to be seriously injured and Euthanasia being chosen as the only solution for me.

I am devastated by this photo.

It cracks me up because it emits Natural Fate.

It breaks me because I see a creature that – despite all the suffering it has suffered – is Untouchable.

I am crushed by Agony because it is the Highest Form of Bravery.

I am crushed by Agonystos Gaidarakos.

Heroic Donkey crushes me.

Donkey Hero crushes me.

I have always had immense respect, tenderness and love for Gaidaros,

as I am deeply moved by his humility and stoicism.

Neglected souls,

objects of exploitation by Human Arrogance and Greed,

unclaimed animals that turn into “vehicles” – and indeed, with an overweight load –

by painless subhumans which have as their sole motive all kinds of convenience

and their every kind of profit

(sometimes not – as happened in this particular case –

their bottomless complexes, their mean-spiritedness and brutality burst forth

upon these defenseless creatures).

I often watch – mainly on the subscription platform – all kinds of documentary content·


the fact of Greek History that far excels in their subject matter,

is the “Asia Minor Catastrophe”.

The images of the desperate Greek soldiers

and from the even more desperate refugees,

they always include this untouchable animal that sometimes carries people and supplies,

and sometimes it was the remaining bios.

The picture with these donkeys moves me and brings tears to my eyes

who in the thick of war produce the “Image of Innocence”

and drumming in silence – because of their shocking innate humility – peace

(the same in Pindos, and change across our once warring world,

however, the devaluation of Animal Life is institutionalized

and thus no state key-crator had the sensitivity to create

-as happened with the “Monument of the Unknown Soldier”-

a memorial to animals sacrificed in wartime).

But even in times of peace, the same things happened and are happening·

the Donkey is treated as a “traditional vehicle”

(carrying people, agricultural crops, timber, etc.),

but also as a “commercial enterprise”

(carrying tourists to places like Santorini and Hydra,

and used as such

as the unwitting protagonists in an obscene tour de force “happening» of a speculative nature).

Thus, the Donkey is defined as a “Working Animal”,

thus, the Donkey is still a ‘means of transport’, being a ‘vehicle’.

But, inhumans-subhumans, you are overlooking a very crucial detail:

The Donkey is a “Vehicle with a Soul”!

And as if all this were not enough,

the “Misozoic Culture” reaches its zenith

from the uncouth, rustic, pagan, backward and sad New Greeks,

who – as they do with many other animals – use the word “Donkey” as an insult.

Yes, Patience, Stoicism, Indifference,

are mashed in the “Inhuman Meat Grinder”

and the mushy calumny that is called “Anesthesia” arises.

What abysmal audacity;

Patience and Stoicism crumble,

the Agonyston – instead of moving and receiving, even rudimentarily, Respect –

becomes a field of commercial exploitation,

“Donkey” becomes “Synonym(s) of Anesthesia”.

Inhumanity and Subhumanity.


Undoubtedly, the donkey hero gives us the opportunity – through his sacrifice –

to become better as people, to become better as a Society,

as the degree of compassion towards the martyred animal was impressive

and of the outcry for his inhuman torturer.

But, no, I resist this opportunity,

because I don’t want to become a “better person”

caused by the tortures and violent deaths of other creatures.

No, we are not entitled to such “improvement”.

No, we must become better without sacrificing creatures for our sake.

And now;

Whether godly or godless,

All of us animal lovers have our hopes up to the possibility of “Life After Death”,

so that the thought eases our pain

that this tortured good-hearted-needy little creature

now he (will) be happy in some other dimension.

Feb· even if this convenient continuation applies,

the fact is not denied that the donkey experienced Life and left Life

with the martyred feeling that “Life is not made for Animals”.

I know, there will be inhumans-subhumans who – impersonating humanists-

they will attempt to cover up their half-life and vile soul

using the marked distraction

“People die here and you do this for a donkey?”

Yes, subhumans.

Yes, (potential) torturers and killers of animals and people.

For a donkey we do like this,

because you are the “Shame of Life”,

while the donkey hero was the “Pride of Life”.

Donkey Hero,

I offer you – on behalf of the people – our apologies

and I will deposit my tears here.

I thank you for being my companion in the Universe

and I dedicate the following shocking video to you

which proves in an indisputable way the Greatness of your Soul

and overall the Greatness of your Species!

Ah, Hero Donkey,

there are many people who -behind your untouchable silence-

we heard the high frequencies of your pain.

Ah, Hero Donkey,

if only our crying could bring you back.

Ah, Hero Donkey,

I promise you that we will not let our tears dry for you.

Ah, Hero Donkey!

The Sub-Cosmic

(Twitter: @Ypokosmikos


The article is in Greek

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