Big drop in the price of Agia apples

Big drop in the price of Agia apples
Big drop in the price of Agia apples

Although the program of festive events for the apple, the driving force of the local economy, started on Wednesday in Agia, apple growers are not in the best mood. This year’s start of their harvest saw a big drop in the price of the product with the first apples “sitting” in the fridges, foreshadowing a bad year.

In fact, parallel to the festive events, the related mobilizations began with the tractors symbolically taking to the road outside Agia, following a call from the local Agricultural Associations.

Producers request the following:

* There should be financial support for the producers of Agia.

* The Government here and now to take the necessary initiatives for the distribution and absorption of apples. Stop the embargo in Russia and open the market for our products.

* Guaranteed lower prices for agricultural products, which will cover production costs and leave a sustainable income, a daily wage that ensures the continuation of the farming activity.

* Immediate measures to reduce production costs. Duty free oil, as in shipowners. Reduction of the price of electricity, ceiling on the price per kilowatt hour, abolition of the Energy Exchange and the polluter fine. Subsidy for the purchase of means and supplies and abolition of VAT.


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