Premiere today for the 79th Venice Film Festival with Netflix as a favorite

Premiere today for the 79th Venice Film Festival with Netflix as a favorite
Premiere today for the 79th Venice Film Festival with Netflix as a favorite

It may be the oldest film festival in the world – its first event took place on August 6, 1932 as a lever for the promotion and propaganda of Italian culture in the world – but the Venice Film Festival manages to walk in two boats, since it seems to be the more in sync with his time.

What if Cannes has declared an unyielding fight against the on demand platforms which, in the opinion of the organizers of the French festival, are growing where they are not sown, namely in the fields of cinema.

Venice remains inexorably at the forefront. And this has not only to do with the artistic product itself, but with the decision of the president of the festival, Alberto Babera, to walk without blinkers and instead of breathing behind the developments, to guide them – or at least to monitor them. This becomes even brighter this year, since for the first time in its history the festival will begin its work with a film produced by Netflix, which will participate in the event with the launch of four films and a TV series.

It is recalled that last year they had their premiere there “The Power of the Dog», “The Hand of God» and the one shot in Spetses “The Lost Daughter”. Yes, one could say that Venice acts as a bastion of the American home entertainment giant and it is very close to the description of the truth.

Watch the video: The trailer of the movie “bones and all”

In any case, the good relationship between the producer and the organizer is sealed by the decision to open this year’s 79th Festival with the long-awaited (and long-suffering in its production) new film by Noah Baubach. Based on the book of the same name by Don DeLillo, “White Noise” and its world premiere will be a prime occasion for its stars Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig to socialize in the already cosmopolitan lairs of Venice – it will also be released this year the honest sponge cake of the paparazzi. The story of the film adaptation of DeLillo’s novel began in 2004, and after getting several postponements and changing directorial hands three times, it arrives 18 years later on the big screen (and by the end of the year also on the small screen, since it will be added to the Netflix catalog). .

THE “White noiseBaubach’s will compete with 21 other films in the official competition section of this year’s Venice. In fact, the two of them are again produced by Netflix. It is “Bardo”, the comedy of Alejandro Iñárritu with which he aspires to return to the Oscars, six years after his triumph “The Revenant”, and of course for the long-discussed “Blonde” or otherwise the biopic about the life of Marilyn Monroe directed by Andrew Dominic. The New Zealand creator found his ideal muse in the person of Ana de Armas, who is rapidly rising in the film industry, who follows all the stages of development in a long-range star: she played the girl of 007 in “No Time to Die”, she was the newlywed’s symbiosis now Ben Affleck, now embodies the female legend.

Yes, the role obviously involves risk, and one can already bet that De Armas will be seen by many as a bad Marilyn impersonator, but if the Cuban actress doesn’t get it at 34, when will she? It goes without saying that the flashers will flash and thunder – reasonably – for her in the Lido as well.

Romain Gavras, who will present – also in the official competition section – his new film entitled “Athena” is the last, but by no means exhausted, to board the chariot or at the mercy of Venetian topography in the gondola of Netflix entries. The 41-year-old son of Kostas Gavras, who some people knew the wrong way because of his last summer romance with Rita Ora, but in fact he should be known for his films, such as “The day will come for us too” and “The World is Yours,” for his music videos for Kanye West, Jay-Z and M.IA. but also for his collaborations with well-known French houses (see Louis Vuitton and YSL), he draws references from the ancient tragedy for his new film which will probably not go unnoticed. With these and those, Netflix is ​​represented with four films in the competition section, multiplying the chances of repeating the triumph of 2018, when Alfonso Cuarón left Venice with the Golden Lion in his luggage for the film “Roma”.

Luca Gutandino, Darren Aronofsky and Martin McDonagh will also participate in the 79th Venice Film Festival with their new films “Bones and All”, “The Whale” and “The Banshees of Inisherin” respectively and of course with their protagonists, which is expected to arrive in the Italian North to participate in the traditional bridal market of glam and glitz. Timothée Salamet, the ultimate it boy of Hollywood, Taylor Russell, Chloë Sevigny, Brendan Fraser, Sandi Sink and Colin Farrell will fulfill their established artistic ambitions with an ideal setting this late summer in the most photogenic festival capital of world. The “present” is also expected to be given by Oliver Stone with his new, already controversial documentary entitled “Nuclear”. At the beginning of August, the 75-year-old director announced via Twitter the screening of his new work in Venice. It is an ode to nuclear energy and its benefits, and will most likely provoke the ire of those who oppose it, but also the keen interest of those who watch with horror as Europe’s energy reservoirs empty.

In the classic values ​​of this year’s event, Cate Blanchett couldn’t be without it. The great Australian actress who in 2020 assumed the role of president of the jury and, by the way, was once again immortalized as the epitome of elegance on the sidelines of the Festival, is the star of Todd Field’s new film entitled “TAR». The American actor and director has stated that he would have had no reason to make the film in question if Blanchett had not accepted his proposal. Besides, the script, which follows the life and career of Germany’s first female orchestra conductor, was written with her in mind.

The jury will be headed this year by another important colleague of Blanchett, Julianne Moore. For organizers, the choice of the 61-year-old actress carries significant symbolism, since Moore is the first American actress to be loved by European film festivals, awarding her their highest honor – for “Hours” in Berlin in 2002, for “Far from Heaven ” in Venice the same year and for “Maps to the Stars” in Cannes in 2014.

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