Electricity: What we will pay from today, new prices on the bills

Electricity: What we will pay from today, new prices on the bills
Electricity: What we will pay from today, new prices on the bills

The compensation prices of electricity producers for September are determined by the RAE decision.

State subsidies in electricity calendars for September consumption exceed all precedents. With the electricity market no longer moving on uncharted paths, the active providers, taking into account the new records in the wholesale prices of gas and electricity, formed a few days ago, in the majority of them, “fire” price lists (from 67.9 cents to 1.0804 euros ) which the government is now coming to “fire-fighting” to limit.

As reported by MEGA in September, the government will allocate 1.9 billion. euros, to subsidize electricity bills for households and businesses. Especially for household tariffs, the subsidy is 639 euros per megawatt hour, i.e. 63.9 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh).

The increase in prices is mainly the result of the rise of international natural gas prices and secondarily of carbon dioxide emissions.

The detailed prices for September are:

For lignite units 214.22 euros per large (from 205.38 in August)

For combined cycle natural gas units 564.18 euros per megawatt hour (from 422.39 in August)

For open cycle natural gas units 797.3 euros per megawatt hour (from 594.76 in August)

For hydroelectric and RES, the prices remain at 112 and 85 euros respectively.

Thus, with the subsidy – record in domestic supplies, the nominal electricity tariffs announced by the suppliers in the previous ones, are drastically reduced with the final price that the information will pay to vary (depending on the provider) from 4 cents/kWh up to 35 minutes/kWh.

Non-domestic invoice

For small and medium enterprises with power supply up to 35kVA and for all bakeries (regardless of power supply) the subsidy for September is 604 euros/MWh, absorbing 89% of the increase.

This measure concerns 1,25,000 professional professional services such as companies, shops, more, convenience stores, hairdressers, offices, bakeries, etc. and is estimated at 401 million euros. For all other commercial and industrial supplies with a power greater than 35kVA the subsidy amounts to 342 euros/MWh. For the Agricultural Tariff, the subsidy is set at 639 euros/MWh, reducing 90% of the increase.

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