Patras: The interrogation of Malena and Irida begins – Who testifies first?

Patras: The interrogation of Malena and Irida begins – Who testifies first?
Patras: The interrogation of Malena and Irida begins – Who testifies first?

The investigation into the case of the murder of Roula Pispirigou’s two youngest children, Malena and Iris, who died in 2021 and 2019, respectively, begins today.

At the same time, the 33-year-old accused of the murders of her three daughters is preparing her line of defense with Alexis Kougia, who has been representing her for a few days.

Who files first?

The pathologist who prepared and sent his report to the medical examiners Karakoukis and Kalogrias is expected to be the first to testify, in which he comes to the conclusion that in the organs of Malena and Iris he examined, he found a strong hypoxia.

Immediately after the pathologist, Mr. Karakoukis and Mr. Kalogrias will testify whose conclusion led to new charges against the 33-year-old.

The statements of Angeliki Tsiolas and Christina Tsakona, who drafted the initial findings, and of course what the 33-year-old accused will say, who this time will be guided by Alexis Kouya, are expected with particular interest.

Recently, the remanded Roula Pispirigou, who is also awaiting the will for the first case concerning the murder of her daughter Georgina, will be called to testify.

What evidence led to the prosecution?

According to information, the main finding on which the prosecution was based is the forensic report of Karakoukis – Kalogrias.

However, in the evaluation of the public prosecutors, it seems that they took into account the fact that Roula Pispirigou was present in both criminal acts, but also that she has allegedly done so on other occasions, as in the case of 9-year-old Georgina. It seems according to the same sources that there is a modus operandi.

For Malena

In particular, in the case of the death of 3.5-year-old Malena, the doctors seem to describe the image of a mother crying out, but the child is cold. The prosecutors gave special weight to the testimony of the doctors, but also to the fact that Malena is described as a sociable, happy and cheerful child, who has overcome leukemia.

The doctors, in their statements, are said to note that the child left completely suddenly, which could only be justified if he was in the last stage of cancer, while Malena had overcome it and had been medically checked before starting chemotherapy.

For Iris

The traces of blood in the mouth of 6-month-old Iris were the most important evidence that led the two prosecutors to the judgment that the little girl’s death was the product of criminal activity.

In addition, the presence of blood and the mortuary rigidity, which had already occurred when the rescuers arrived, who found that the child was cold, lead to the conclusion that death had occurred hours before they were called to help.

The case file has already been forwarded to the interrogation and soon Roula Pispirigou will be summoned to an apology for this case, which has shocked public opinion.

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