Centers of Consciousness: What are they and which of the 7 categories do you belong to?

Learn about the categories of consciousness, and how they affect you in the way you operate

Endless debates have taken place and endless ink has been spilled around its meaning consciousness, with philosophers and psychologists trying to come up with the perfect definition. However, they have not succeeded yet, since the interpretations differ. So what is consciousness?

A short definition that we might give, is that conscious beings are aware of their surroundings, of themselves, and of their perception. More specifically it is everything you experience. It’s the tune for example stuck in your head, the taste you get when you eat some food, the pain you feel, the intense love for your child and the bittersweet knowledge that eventually all feelings will end.


Humans are by nature complex. Feelings, intentions and knowledge are just a few of the endless formations that define us and them we realize. Through different ways of discipline (meditation or yoga for example) we can fully know and interact with ourselves, but first we know our consciousness. The clearer and more thorough we are in recognizing these formations the more effectively we mature both spiritually and intellectually.

So there is a categorization of central formations:

The security center

This is the part of you that handles the safety and protection of your basic needs and health. Food, shelter, water, family, friends, and general emotional content are just a few examples of the items this side of you prioritizes. Serving as a kind of operations room, this side is activated when we are threatened or a necessity is recognized.

The sensory center

This part of you is about enjoying the riches of life. He tries to encourage as many enjoyable activities as he can. On the flip side of this sensory coin, an honorable effort is made not to get hurt.

The center of power

It concerns both internal and external types of power. This side seeks strength and tends towards it. Builds sources of wealth and influence to gain more of the same or toil for a specific goal. You’ll want to be careful when developing this hub. It is important to be able to influence the world around you with as much variety as possible. Equally important is humility and a desire to empower your community. To guard against the greed that drives people to do terrible things for money and power, don’t prioritize influence and power. These species should only be sought after a specific target has been identified.

The center of love

This center is obviously responsible for your romantic relationships. The responsibilities of this center extend past, including all interpersonal relationships and the all-important ability to love ourselves. Developing this center is critical to overcoming barriers and obstacles. As you develop this center, you strengthen the inside and outside of your heart. This has the effect of enhancing honesty and the frequency of responses that show understanding.

The center of abundance

This feeling-driven side of yourself is responsible for creating and maintaining your sense of consciousness and your special perception of reality.

The center of self-awareness

This center of yours is undoubtedly the most important on this list. Your center of self-awareness will tune your personality strengths into a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. This emerging attitude is specific to you, so you will always want to take the time to understand your feelings towards life and the relationship between your feelings and your rate of maturity and productivity.

The center of cosmic awareness

The center of cosmic awareness is how all your other centers, talents, friends, and understandings condense into the “big picture.” This is your largest functional center. When everything is properly aligned with your other centers, this will be about you searching for the mysteries and endless beauty of the universe. This is where you put aside ‘I’, your name, and become one with the world.

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