Which supercars do people search for on Google?

A survey by a British site has revealed the list of supercars most searched for on the internet, and there are many surprises in it.

Here we have the list of supercars that score the most searches annually on Google

Wanting to clarify which are the most popular performance cars on the planet, the Confused.com analyzed its search data Google in the last 12 months and as it turns out, the Audi R8 it has been searched 22.53 million times. The number is more than impressive for a model that is heading towards the west of its presence, since the completion of its production is scheduled for 2023. In second place, with a small difference from the top, follows the SUV her Lamborghini.

THE Urus has recorded just over 20 million searches, which is further proof of how well targeted it was Lamborghini when this particular model was launched. With 18.4 million searches, it is followed by BMW i8– a model that has been out of production for two years. Of great interest is the list showing the search trends of supercars in her search engine Google and it is worth noting that the Lamborghini with three models it has the same number of places in the top ten, while for example, h Porsche it also holds a place with the 911.

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