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Personal doctor: The platform opens today – From October 1st, e-appointments

Personal doctor: The platform opens today – From October 1st, e-appointments
Personal doctor: The platform opens today – From October 1st, e-appointments

The platform opens this afternoon for the registration of citizens who have reached the age of 16 and live in the regions of Attica and South Aegean. Citizen registrations in the rest of the country’s regions that began on August 1, 2022 continue as normal.

Alongside from September 1, the test phase of the system begins, where citizens will be able to visit their Personal Doctor.

More than 2,100,000 citizens have registered with the Personal Doctor, the Ministry of Health reports. Now all citizens with the Personal Doctor get their health advisor free of charge who will inform them about preventive tests, monitor their medical file and prescribe their medicines and tests.

In our country there are 3,209 Personal Doctors available and the participation in the institution of the Personal Doctor has exceeded 1,000 individuals.

The registration of doctors, after many requests from their bodies, is highlighted in a statement by the Ministry of Health, open from tomorrow September 1, 2022 for all regions of the country until December 31, 2022.

From October 1, 2022, the electronic appointment system will be activatedso that citizens can make an appointment with the same ease as they made an appointment for vaccination against Covid-19.

The citizen can freely choose to register with a Personal Doctor in the following ways:

1) through the personal physician registration platform (, where entry is made with the taxisnet codes and the citizen’s AMKA.

2) in person at a P.F.Y health structure. or to a personal physician, bringing with him, his AMKA and for simple demonstration, an identification document (e.g. Identity Card) or a photocopy.

“The goal of the Ministry of Health is, through the Personal Doctor, to promote the change of culture in health matters and for citizens to develop a relationship of trust with their doctor”, the announcement emphasizes.

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