The British preferred Greece to Italy for the…

The British preferred Greece to Italy for the…
The British preferred Greece to Italy for the…

An article in “The Times” speaks of a jump in the popularity of Greece as a holiday destination, with our country surpassing Italy to become the summer destination that stands out.

New figures from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) reveal that 1.33 million Britons chose Greece for their holiday in July, with Greece coming second only to Spain as by far the most popular holiday destination in the UK Kingdom.

Greece also saw the smallest drop in arrivals compared to 2019, the last “normal” summer before the pandemic shut down international travel, when 1.36 million Britons visited. By contrast, 979,702 Britons headed to Italy in July this year, up from 1.70 million in 2019. Greece also surpassed France, which recorded 809,476 arrivals by plane, up from 1.36 million before the pandemic.

The article notes that industry professionals point to Greece’s successful handling of the pandemic as well as its desire to protect its tourism industry as driving forces behind its success.

Noel Josephides, chairman of Sunvil Holidays and director of the Association of Independent Tour Operators, said Greece had “handled the pandemic extremely well”, including prioritizing people working in the tourism industry for the vaccine. “Demand for Greece has continued throughout this year and price increases have been negligible, so the destination offers very good value for money. All these key, very positive, points have fueled the CAA statistics.”

The article is in Greek

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