Death of a refugee in Eleonas, Athens due to lack of a doctor

Death of a refugee in Eleonas, Athens due to lack of a doctor
Death of a refugee in Eleonas, Athens due to lack of a doctor

What the “Staying Active – health, collective, solidarity” organization claims

The death of a refugee due to the absence of a doctor in the refugee camp in Eleonas is reported by a collective in the wake of several days of tension in the refugee structure.

As the informative page “We Stay Active – health, collective, solidarity” complains, a refugee, father of three, died of a heart attack because there is neither a doctor nor a nurse in the camp.

It is recalled that a few days ago there were incidents and arrests at the camp, when the authorities tried to evacuate the structure.

Specifically, the page complains about the camp in Eleonas:

“In a refugee camp blocked off by MAT, in the heart of Athens, a refugee feels chest pain in the middle of the night.

There are no doctors and nurses. They have been removed in recent months by the competent authorities in order to pressure the refugees to accept their relocation outside the city.

The other refugees inform the security guards but there is no mobilization. Finally after an hour an ambulance is called which arrives an hour later.

The refugee dies of a heart attack. He was a father of three and was waiting with his family for their asylum application to be processed…

This is how lives are lost not in the Evros and the Aegean but in the center of the cities. Do you have any questions why the government wants refugees to be moved somewhere far away?

We say that the lives of refugees count!

The camp of Eleonas should be immediately reinforced with doctors, nurses and all other staff.

To immediately stop the operation of evacuating the camp.

Mayor Bakoyiannis, Minister Mitarakis and the camp manager are directly responsible for what happened.”

The article is in Greek

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