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The only absence for Itoudis and the big stars of Eurobasket. Greece starts the tournament with dreams and high goals, which it can conquer. After all, it has as its leader the best player in the world.

Eurobasket starts tomorrow, the competition level is extremely high, the impatience is growing. After 13 years, the National Team has the chance to win a medal, having perhaps the best roster of all time. He’s had injury problems, but that’s true for several teams. For some there are even striking absences. For our team, the only absence is Dinos Mitoglou, a player who makes a difference, especially in terms of defense and rebounds.

The national team, however, has the best player in the world. It has Giannis Antetokounmpo, who does not need to prove this in every game, which all sports fans know. He is the leader of the official favorite, the one from whom Greek sports fans expect the most.

Giannis likes being in the national team, he likes playing for Greece, he likes having all the players by his side, but especially his two brothers. Compared to previous years, he is more rested, as the Bucks were eliminated relatively early by the Celtics, while his motivation is huge for the additional reason that there are two more huge names in Eurobasket: Jokic and Doncic. The former was even twice MVP in the NBA and this is definitely something that will make Giannis try for one more breakthrough to help the National Team reach as high as possible.

At the level of these players, who is better or who can be higher with their team is a huge deal. And it is understood that both Jokic and Doncic will give everything for the best possible distinction of their teams.

There are other great players in the tournament, such as the Croatian Bogdanovic, but also the Lithuanians Sabonis and Valanciunas, but the trio of Giannis-Jokic-Doncic is unbreakable. And it is of great interest to see who will be the one in the end, who will finish either first or further ahead.

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