Denounces the brutal attack by the MAT against the “Malamatina” strikers

Denounces the brutal attack by the MAT against the “Malamatina” strikers
Denounces the brutal attack by the MAT against the “Malamatina” strikers

The brutal attack by the MAT against the “Malamatina” strikers, with at least five injured, is denounced by the Women’s Federation of Greece (OGE) as well Associations and Women’s groups of Central Macedonia who are members of it.

The complaint is as follows:

“The Women’s Federation of Greece (OGE) and the Women’s Associations and Groups of Central Macedonia -members of we denounce the brutal attack by the repression forces against the strikers of the “MALAMATINA” factory, which was orchestrated by the government and the employer, in order to break the strike.

It will not pass them!

The attempt to crush the fair struggle of the workers will fall on deaf ears!

We stand in solidarity, with all our strength, in the struggle of the workers for the revocation of the layoffs and the signing of a Collective Labor Agreement. Their fair demands, against the implementation of the anti-labor extremity of the Hatzidakis law, are what have angered the state and employers, but have also raised a huge wave of solidarity from all the people!

Their fight is our fight too!

The attempt of strikers to enter the factory, under the protection of a prosecutor and MAT squads, is provocative government support for the employer. And indeed of a company that fired workers immediately after canceling its debts to the tax and insurance funds, with a government order and while in the reorganization plan approved by the courts it was committed to no layoffs.

The women of the toil, who know first hand what it means to be exploited and oppressed, life-rubber and squeezed for the profits of the big employers, we are on the side of the workers of “Malamatina”!

Just as the employer arrived accompanied by MAT and Police, so we also make our own shield of protection for every competitor who raises his head and competes!

On this wall of solidarity, every attempt to attack the struggle and the workers at the “Malamatina” factory will be crushed.

We demand now withdraw the repression forces! All layoffs should be revoked and a collective bargaining agreement signed!

Terrorism will not pass – the people’s struggle will break it.”

The article is in Greek

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