Navy: Today the last farewell to 19-year-old Thalia with military honors

Navy: Today the last farewell to 19-year-old Thalia with military honors
Navy: Today the last farewell to 19-year-old Thalia with military honors

The body of the 19-year-old naval cadet arrived in Larissa yesterday, Wednesday, by C-130. The body was then taken to her home in the Papastavrou area. Today at 1:00 p.m. her funeral will take place at the Metropolitan Church of Agios Achillios so that family, relatives, friends and the local community can say their last “goodbye”.

The Chief of the Naval General Staff Vice Admiral Stylianos Petrakis, the Commander of the Naval Cadet School Vice Admiral Ioannis Pattas, as well as 19-year-old Thalia’s classmates from the School, will arrive in the city. At the same time, the prescribed honors from military awards will be given at the ceremonies.

The results of the necropsy are expected to come out relatively soon, following relevant pressure from the Greek side towards the Italian medical examiners, but the toxicology tests will be delayed as the relevant procedure is known to be particularly time-consuming, according to Mega.

The father of the unlucky test subject spoke on the Live News show at noon on Tuesday (30/08).

“I don’t know how to tell you what my child died of. I read scripts too, but nobody really knows. I hope to be in Greece tomorrow, if the bureaucracy that exists here in Italy allows it, after the necropsy is complete. If nothing else comes up, the funeral has already been arranged to take place on Thursday at noon“, said the father of a 19-year-old student.

It is recalled that the 19-year-old died three days after developing a high fever, during an educational trip on the “Prometheus” ship she was on board. The 19-year-old presented a rapid deterioration, suffered multi-organ failure and she finally breathed her last in the intensive care unit of the hospital in Naples.

The three-day period 18-21 August has been put under the microscope where the ship the 19-year-old was on board had docked in Tunisia. It is being investigated whether during an outing during those days, the young lady ate or drank something that caused her poisoning. Information states that the cadet and her company visited a well-known fast food chain in Tunisia. There the 19-year-old shared the food with her friend, while when they returned to the boat, a total of 15 people showed symptoms of food poisoning.

A few days before, the 19-year-old had contracted the coronavirus while on board, she had overcome it, however the possibility that her body was already weakened and any infection or poisoning caused her severe illness that led to the death.

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