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*5th matchday

*Under 2.5 came the four recent meetings of the two teams.

*2-3 goals came in the last 5/6 matches between the two teams.

*Montpellier has five consecutive wins against Ajaccio at league level (Ligue 1, Ligue 2).

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Previous match: 7-0 away win over Brest. She took the lead with Mawassa in 6′, doubled her goals with Wahi in 10′, made it 0-3 with Kazri in 11′, scored two more goals with Koza (25′) and Wahi (31′). Brest played with ten players from 50′ and Germain with two personal goals increased the score to 0-7 (64′, 84′).

In the best possible way they returned to success, they were in space last Sunday, crushing Brest 7-0. She came in furiously, did whatever the opposing defense wanted, was super efficient in the final effort and went with 0-5 (!) at the break. The second 45 minutes were of a procedural nature, they also gained a numerical advantage, they did not let their foot off the gas and reached an impressive 0-7. From two goals forward Wahi, Germain, the second one was substituted in the second half.

“I saw a good game from my players. I congratulate them. They played with intelligence, nerve and confidence. We need calmness, we need to stay grounded,” said coach Dal’Oglio. Back to winning ways for Montpellier, they were preceded by two defeats by Paris Saint-Germain (5-2) and Auxerre (1-2), they kept a clean sheet for the first time and continue to go high in scoring their games, counting equal number of Over 2.5 in four matches.

Substitute goalkeeper Berto went into surgery, he will be absent for several months, the management is looking for his replacement in the market (considering Zidane who was released from Rayo Vallecano). Second matchday, the main midfielder Savanier is suspended, the attacker Mavidindi and the back Pedro Mendes remain out, the stopper Julien and the attacker Kazri are new absences. Substitute midfielder Fayyad was considered. Stopper M. Sako returns, substitute midfielder Fayyad also tested.


*She has conceded two goals or more in her last 7/8 games.

*G/G & Over 2.5 in 5/6 recent matches.

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Previous match: 3-1 home defeat by Lille. He fell behind in the score at 17′, conceded 0-2 at 43′, with the opponent “writing” 0-3 at 67′. Ajaccio reduced it to 1-3 through Bayala in the 84th minute and Lille missed a penalty in the 90th minute to make it 1-4.

He continues to produce a demanding program, suffered another defeat, this time with 3-1 by Lille at “Francois Coty”. He played honorably, tried to limit the opponent’s strengths, but the difference in level and quality was evident and Lille went 0-2 up at the break. He entered the second half with an aggressive attitude, created chances (of the nine finals only one was on target), 0-3 ended the match, in the final he simply reduced the score.

“We are disappointed with the loss, but I see positive things from my team. They did not give up with the score at 0-2. We learn from defeats and this is a good lesson to continue progressing”, said coach Pantaloni.

Second consecutive defeat for Ajaccio, it was preceded by the away 2-1 by Rennes, along with four other teams, it ignores the joy of victory, “runs” a record of 0-1-3 and is in last place. It has the relief that it has a difficult schedule at the beginning, it played with teams that have higher goals than it and that are expected to claim the exit to Europe. Left back G. Kone was loaned from Lyon. Forward El Idrissi punished. First time in the mission for the newcomer Tuzgar.


*G/G the last 4/5 games.

*Over 2.5 in 3/4 recent games.

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