The price of heating oil has doubled since last year (VIDEO)

The price of heating oil has doubled since last year (VIDEO)
The price of heating oil has doubled since last year (VIDEO)

Of Andronikos Maria

Road race in Europe to fill natural gas warehouses before the arrival of winter, at the same time that in Cyprus the price for heating oil has doubled.

Christodoulos Christodoulou, Press Representative of the Association of Store Owners
The prices for heating oil are very high, now they are around 1.40 per liter, which is twice as much as last year at this time.
With experts speaking of a difficult winter.

Stelios Platis, Economist
Unfortunately, if you want a forecast for human reasons, I am making the difficult prediction that things will be difficult in the winter, than they are today. We are talking about a kind of basic need which is important to support and support.

Worry and concern

However, people are already beginning to worry about how they will make ends meet, as whatever path they choose, whether heating oil or electric stoves, the only thing that is certain is that they will put their hands deep in their pockets

Public statements
I have heating but wondering if it will come on. Last year we passed with 700 euros, this year we want 1200.
I’m with the sticks, but I collect sticks all summer long.
With the stove, but the stove is in oil. How will you manage it? As we can, we can buy any electric stove but even that is expensive, what can we do.
With the price increase we will do what we do every year, that is, I will not raise it.

In fact, calling on the state for additional measures to support the public.

Let the government have a discount on electricity in the winter for every family, so much money and let everyone heat themselves as they want, if they want, let them buy a Peugeot, if they want, let them buy electricity or oil, let them do whatever they want.

While there are those who have found another solution and even inexpensive.

Public statements
I put two quilts on the night I fall.
The best solution is to bend over backwards to boil, fall together.

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