Savage attack on Aphrodite Latinopoulou – “I shouldn’t live…” – Gossip

Savage attack on Aphrodite Latinopoulou – “I shouldn’t live…” – Gossip
Savage attack on Aphrodite Latinopoulou – “I shouldn’t live…” – Gossip

Unknown persons damaged Afroditis Latinopoulou’s car according to what she reports. Aphrodite Latinopoulou, in a video she published on her personal account on Instagram, said that her evening Tuesday (30/08) after she parked outside a cafe in order to go home, two women, whom she described as “vagrants”, approached her and criticized her for her ideas. By the way, see who is Aphrodite Latinopoulou’s big fan.

Afterwards, Aphrodite Latinopoulou stated that she avoided arguing with them, she simply answered them calmly and left, while the next day she found her car scratched and with a broken mirror. In fact, in the same video he wondered why all the shops don’t have cameras from the outside and emphasized that it is something that should be established.


What Aphrodite Latinopoulou mentioned

“Last night I parked my car outside a coffee shop to go home. I am approached by two vagabond women who start verbally attacking me saying that I should not exist, I should not live, I should disappear and everything related because my views are fascist. I don’t pay attention, I answer that these are my opinions and I’m not going to change and I continue to go home. The next day, that is today, I found my car in this condition..

This is their democracy, this is how they respond. This is their fascism. This is exactly. Nothing else. They have no arguments, no ideology, nothing. They have only destruction. And I wonder why a law has not yet been passed to make cameras mandatory in all shops.

Because these perpetrators, now the police would know where they are. And this is something that needs to be done. And everyone should be arrested and punished accordingly.”


The article is in Greek

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