The prices this year in the hotels of Athens are surprising

The “hotel lady” writes

Sta 118 euros corresponds to the average room price at Athens hotels this year, increased by almost +21% compared to last year.

The figures are derived from the latest data for the January-July period collected by the well-known consulting firm GBR Consultingwhich also works with Athens Attica Hotel Association and finds that last year, in the seventh month of 2021, the corresponding figure reached 98 euros.

From the big ones European capitals the highest prices in seven months are noted at Paris, with an average room price of 285 eurosincreased by +71% compared to last year.

Accordingly, the prices in Londonreaching the seventh month of 2022 at 203 euros from 99 euros in 2021.

At the level of completeness o July was the first month in this period of the pandemic, where the hotels of the capital approached, in a monthly comparison, the pre-pandemic performance.

In particular, according to her data Association of Hoteliers of Athens-Attica and Argosaronicothe average occupancy in July was 89.3% compared to 89.8% in July 2019.

At seven months the occupancy of the Athenian hotels was 63.3% with the gap compared to 2019 being minus 17.8%. “The positive performance only managed to slightly reduce the ‘scissor’ between the years 2022 and 2019 in average hotel occupancy. In the first half, the lag compared to 2019 in occupancy was 21.7% and in the 7th month it was limited to -17.8%”.

Awaiting his results and performance – traditionally lower in performance – month of August and of the months of September and October, of course, in order to have an even clearer and global picture, the hoteliers of Athens point out that the capital, although twelve months / urban destination:

– now presents a lot strong elements of tourist seasonality no longer exceeding 6-7 maximum months of best performance (months that are not able to cover the needs and costs of full operation of the units on a 12-month basis),

-has to deal with challenges at the level of not only European and international competition but also ‘within the gates’ (e.g. oversupply of beds and unfair competition within the destination – mainly due to the abundance of ‘short-term rental’ beds as well as guest house beds) and

-he is waiting for him difficult energy and economic ‘European’ winter.

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