Accuracy and reforms are at the forefront of the government’s plan – Changing of the guard today in the party with the first female secretary

Accuracy and reforms are at the forefront of the government’s plan – Changing of the guard today in the party with the first female secretary
Accuracy and reforms are at the forefront of the government’s plan – Changing of the guard today in the party with the first female secretary

A week of intense parliamentary interest begins, as tomorrow Tuesday the draft budget is tabled in parliament with the prime minister referring to the positive growth rate of the economy in his social media post yesterday, clarifying that the government’s fiscally balanced policy is reflected in the positive course implementation of the budget, reiterating that surplus development will return to society with an emphasis on vulnerable citizens.

At the same time, his leadership team Megaros Maximos in collaboration with the financial staff, it focuses on the turmoil caused to households by the punctuality with Kyriakos Mitsotakis asking for regular updates on all the measures that have been taken, the application of the “tools” of the permanent price reduction and the household basket, the controls but and the fines imposed. In this context, he will continue the visits – autopsies in supermarkets, sending the message that “no one is above the law. Citizens will be protected from those who think they will profit at their expense, taking advantage of the consequences of imported inflation.”

Thessaly is the focus

On Wednesday, the prime minister is expected to inform parliament about the government’s reconstruction measures for the regions of Thessaly and Evros, while the first findings of the expert opinion carried out in the region by the Dutch company HVA International on the “armoring” of the Thessalian plain were handed over to the relevant ministers. . Kyriakos Mitsotakis pointed out that the implication of this conclusion is that the state and citizens must change their entire approach to water and flood management but also accept the fact that this redesign will take time and cost money. Tones are expected to rise as, as part of the process, the leaders of the opposition are expected to speak on the issue of compensation to those affected.

Remedial changes to the tax bill

The new tax bill has been the subject of internal government reflection after the front that has opened with freelancers. According to information from, there are expected to be corrective moves – exceptions from the lower ceiling of 10,920 euros, which may be lowered for all those who can prove that they have another source of income for which they are taxed, as well as for other categories such as farmers . Tax breathers are expected to exist with the maintenance of the reduced VAT for the tourism and transport sectors from 1/1/2024, e.g. taxi fares, metro tickets, buses, trams or trains, planes, ships and hotel prices.

New bills are coming

Within December, it is expected that the bills for servicers and the transparency framework for debtors, as well as the one for tax reform, will be put to a vote. At the same time, the leadership of the Ministry of Education is feverishly working on a draft law to introduce non-state universities into the Greek reality, which are a precursor to the constitutional change of Article 16.

The first female secretary of the ND

In one of the leading party positions of the blue faction, it is expected to be elected Maria Syregelawho will succeed the government representative and current secretary of the ND Pavlos Marinakis.

Today at 18.30 in the presence of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the offices of Piraeus Street, her candidacy will be announced, which needs 10% of the signatures of the party members. This has reportedly already been achieved. The election will take place with a single ballot and each member of the Political Committee has the right to put a preference cross. In order to elect a secretary of the Political Committee, an absolute majority of the total number of members is required.

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