The lost connection with today

The lost connection with today
The lost connection with today

The developments in SYRIZA give the impression that the once powerful opposition party has entered a process of downsizing – even self-destruction. What is happening is comical: most of all the reappearance of Alexis Tsipras in the role of savior of the party – the comical thing in this case is not his initiatives, but that he triggered the crisis of SYRIZA with his silence. However, I do not think that any of the other parties can be happy with what is happening in SYRIZA.

PASOK is collecting almost nothing from the SYRIZA crisis even though it is the second party in the latest polls: it still lacks the momentum that will turn it into a party of power, but this momentum will not arise from the problems of others. From PASOK, for the time being, both the disappointed SYRIZA and the centrists who still see Kyriakos Mitsotakis as prime minister of a government that, in order not to make a mistake, does nothing, are maintaining a constant distance. The KKE, which takes the lead in the fights, also earns very little, perhaps because most of the Greek society is tired of these fights. The gains of political formations such as the party of Mrs. Zoi Konstantopoulou or the party of Mr. Yanis Varoufakis are also non-existent: both are so personal that you feel that you are only allowed to vote for them if you are a personal friend of their leaders and have some obligation to them.

The crisis of the ND itself is also great, which is made up due to the victory in the double elections and the 41%, which, although small, looks huge due to the shrinking of the rest. The ease with which parties to the right of the ND are born and consolidated (not so much the heirs of the Golden Dawn “Spartians”, but “Niki” for example) also testifies that inside the Right apartment building there is grumbling about too many things: the most an easy prediction is that in the European elections in June the ND will see its votes drop spectacularly – the percentages are a magical image and often the result of abstention.

The huge abstention itself (both in the national and self-governing elections) testifies to the gigantic crisis of all the parties. There will always be first and always second in any process. But the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are indifferent is not an honor for our political system: in the case of SYRIZA e.g. this indifference was also seen in his internal party elections – Stefanos Kasselakis was supported by very few.

Our parties seem to be out of touch with society: they have lost touch with today. Almost no one has serious positions on dealing with the problems caused by climate change, on “immigration”, tax evasion, leapfrogging accuracy. None have executives to present promising solutions. The last ones who seemed capable were the ministers of Mitsotakis, who have a past of tyranny, who seem to have tired quickly.

The drama of SYRIZA e.g. it’s not Kasselakis and Polakis: it’s that the famous “forties” (Ahtsioglou, Iliopoulos, Famelos, Teboneras, etc.) look like boring demagogues – leaders in small villages that they called “trends”. That is why they were all soundly defeated in an open election process: they are not interesting. If they leave SYRIZA, they will take the 4% that was once its base. So what;

As political formations constantly arise, it is obvious that a crisis of the once major parties will sooner or later lead to a crisis of the country’s leadership. And if the adventures of SYRIZA because of Kasselakis are something funny, this is not.

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