Zelensky: Putin tried to assassinate me 5 times


“At least five times Putin tried to assassinate me,” Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview, giving some details.

Speaking to the Sun, he emphasized that “there were five or six plots to kill me, but the Ukrainian secret services managed to stop them.”

As he added, the first attempt caused panic like “the first outbreak of the coronavirus” and continued: “Russian special forces landed with parachutes in Kiev to kill me on the first day of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, on February 24 last year.”


His bodyguards sealed off his office with makeshift barricades and plywood, while Zelensky and his closest aides immediately drew their weapons. “Someone said the office was like a madhouse,” and when British and American officials offered to get the president out of Kiev – amid fears it could fall within hours – he responded with: “I need ammunition, not a walk”.

However, when asked if Ukraine would kill Putin if it had the chance, he replied: “This is a war and Ukraine has every right to defend its land.”

The article is in Greek

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