Black Friday 2023: Here’s what to look out for to avoid falling victim to marketing


Black Friday, also known as “Black Friday”, is a phenomenon of great deals in stores, which is celebrated every year on the last Friday of November. Although a myth links Black Friday to the discounted slave market after Thanksgiving, there is no historical basis for this. The first use of the term “Black Friday” was on September 24, 1869, to describe one of the worst days in the American stock market. Since the 80s, Black Friday has been officially established as a day of great deals in stores and marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. However, in the excitement and rush to take advantage of these deals, consumers often overlook potential pitfalls and pitfalls. To ensure a successful shopping experience, it’s vital to approach Black Friday sales with a clear understanding of what to expect and how to avoid falling into these pitfalls.


A successful shopping experience starts with proper preparation. This process involves creating a shopping list to prioritize purchases and stay within your budget. Setting a budget and sticking to it is vital to avoid overspending, no matter how attractive the offers may seem.


It is also important to thoroughly research products and compare prices at various retailers. This approach ensures that you really get the best deals. Additionally, verifying the authenticity and trustworthiness of sellers is key to avoiding fraud and counterfeit products. Trust large, well-known stores or look for the best offers from or

Common Black Friday Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

It is not unusual for some retailers to exaggerate sales by increasing the original price, creating the illusion of significant savings. To avoid this pitfall, check original prices and compare discounts at various retailers.

Find the products you want now, do some market research and wait for the sales to appear so you know the real savings you’ll make.


Impulse buying can also be a major pitfall. It’s easy to get swayed by “deal of the day” or “limited time offer” banners, leading to unnecessary spending. To avoid this, plan your purchases in advance based on your needs and budget.

Another common pitfall is shady sellers offering unbelievable deals. Always buy from reputable retailers and check customer reviews and ratings before making a purchase. Finally, be wary of limited inventory claims that retailers use to create a sense of urgency. Verify product availability to avoid hasty purchase decisions.

Safe online shopping on Black Friday

Online shopping during Black Friday comes with its risks, including increased cyber security threats. It is vital to use secure payment methods such as prepaid cards or trusted payment gateways to protect your pocket. All Greek banks now offer prepaid cards. It’s a real shame to use debit or credit cards.

Make sure you shop on trusted websites to ensure a safe online shopping experience. Be wary of phishing attempts, such as suspicious links and emails. Always click on verified links and double check the website address before entering any personal information.

Maximizing the benefit of Black Friday

To make the most of Black Friday deals, start your shopping early. This strategy allows you to secure the best deals before items sell out. Use price tracking tools to track price fluctuations and spot real discounts.

Online deals often offer more variety and exclusive discounts compared to in-store deals. Take advantage of this by shopping online, but make sure your internet connection is secure. Also, take advantage of our customer rewards and loyalty programs for additional savings and benefits.

Buy Now Pay Later? Say no thanks!

“buy now pay later” is a popular payment method that allows shoppers to buy products now and pay later. While this may seem like a convenience, it should be treated with caution. Some consumers may be tempted to buy more than they can actually afford, as payment is deferred into the future. And since this practice is reminiscent of pre-crisis mortgages and payday loans, let’s hope we’ve become wiser enough to avoid the same mistakes. If you don’t have the money to pay now, you probably won’t in the future. Better make a piggy bank for next year.

Pay attention to the terms: Before you decide to use “buy now pay later,” carefully check the terms and conditions of the agreement. Make sure you understand when and how you will have to repay the money and what the additional fees will be, if any.

In Greece we took “Black Friday” and made it “Black Month”

Black Friday has had a significant impact on the Greek market, with retailers such as Public and Kotsovolos reporting significant sales during this period. But as we are a people of excess on some things, retailers have turned this day into a whole month of sales. And then… Cyber ​​Monday was born

Cyber ​​Monday is a relatively more recent development and refers to the Monday after Black Friday. This day started in response to the increased popularity of online shopping. Consumers visit various e-commerce stores and take advantage of deals and discounts offered exclusively online.

Therefore, be careful, because then comes Christmas, which is another time when many expenses arise.

We wish you happy and careful shopping!

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