Prekas: “It was a great honor to have Evina in the national team”

Prekas: “It was a great honor to have Evina in the national team”
Prekas: “It was a great honor to have Evina in the national team”

What did they say? Petros Prekas and Evina Stamatis after the victory of the national team

THE Women’s National Team she achieved her goal and by reaching the victory against the Czech republic in a packed stadium at Copper.

The federal technician Petros Prekas spoke about the success of the Women’s National Team, the presence of the crowd, and also Evina Stamati.

“It was very important that we played in a full stadium and that was the most enjoyable. The second is that we managed and got a win that we wanted very much, not for points reasons, but more to support the effort we are making. The children put in a huge effort and this was the reward. I am happy with the performance although we played with significant losses, such as Fasoula and Chineke. The guys played together and we managed to get a big win.

It is important that the young girls also played. We have a core core and every call we bring in new guys and try them out. We want to give them opportunities and motivation to become better players. The crowd helped us a lot and it’s a great motivation and I hope we go to Eurobasket 2025 with full courts. I tried to convince Evina Stamatis to play another year until EuroBasket 2025. It was a great honor to have her in the National team and I wish her the best.”

From the side of Evina Stamatis he said: “It was a very important victory for our country and our people. The truth is that we went in numb but then we improved and got to victory. It is also a victory for psychology and may also count in the capacity groups in the draw of the final phase of Eurobasket.

It’s unique to play in your country with so many people. The most positive thing was that the stadium was filled with children. I hope that if even one child wants to play basketball tomorrow, it will be a success.”

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