What are Haris Vafias’ favorite cars?


Ship owner Haris Vafias has a particular weakness for cars, but there are two that stand out…

THE Haris Vafias is one of the most well-known but mainly of the successful Greek shipowners. THE origin his is from Chios and the number of ships he manages through his companies reaches almost… 100.

There are many who have learned about him through television and recently from Dragons Den. He may be one of the richest Greeks but his character is simplethe humour it is not missing from his daily life and naturally he has a weakness for both trough as well as in cars.

In both cases his weaknesses are eccentric. In her case seahe himself declares that he has loved speedboats Cigarette boatswhich stand out for their sporty design but also their ability to move with more than 100 miles on water.

The original 4×4

On the other hand and regarding vehicles who have… wheels, his loves are two. As for off-road cars the Hummer H1 it is the one who sees it and… melts, as he considers that the particular one is the absolute pure blood and genuine 4×4.

However, he has one in his collection Hummer H2 but not of the… series.

Genuine Petrolehead and… Impreza

In addition, one more stands out which is located at garage of. The reason for its racing version Subaru Impreza which he considers to be one of the most unique vehicles ever built.

For these two when he speaks, he drips… honey, while as a genuine Petrolhead he has other sports (and not only) models in his luxurious garage…

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