What do authentic French women wear today?

What do authentic French women wear today?
What do authentic French women wear today?

On the streets of Paris, the aura of French aesthetics embraces everyone, creating a world full of elegance. The success of Parisian style is not just about the clothes. It comes from the way French women wear something. Their comfort and self-confidence highlight their natural beauty in every case and elevate every ensemble.

Why do we love the Parisian aesthetic so much?

It uniquely combines simplicity with sophisticated design, that’s why. French women highlight their personal character with discretion, adopting clothes that reflect their inner world. It is an aesthetic that creates flexible and comfortable ensembles, while maintaining an eternal connection with the field of haute couture.

The refined masculine influence

Inspired by the men’s wardrobe, French women create ensembles that combine comfort with elegance. Men’s trousers, cardigans and berets all come together and the result is simply irresistibly sophisticated.

The charm of unpretentious femininity

The mini pleated skirt with the loafers and stockings exudes a childish innocence and at the same time a preppy aura. An ensemble for every season and occasion.

The age of comfort

French women prove that fashion can be comfortable without any compromising sacrifices. That’s why they love jeans too much.

The strict version of elegance

With the midi skirt, shirt and sweater, French women offer an alternative approach to elegance, more austere, more proper. And such a look may seem boring, but it is a lifesaver, especially in professional appearances.

The warmth of fashion

Brown shades are essential in the Parisian wardrobe. They bring out femininity and add warmth. They flatter almost every skin tone.

Parisian Rendezvous

Simply irresistible. Parisians when dating know how to steal the show by looking precious. Copy their style and you’ll see victims fall your way.

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